Arrived in Omaha, Nebraska

Visiting for just a couple of days to meet the LinkedIn customer service team and discuss some of the exciting features planned for the rest of 2007.  I’m really excited to meet everyone in person.

This is my first trip to Omaha, and to Nebraska for that matter.  No flight problems, although I got moved to a middle seat on my leg to Denver, and both flights were packed completely.  Started a new book on the crash of 1907.

I’ve actually been hoping for a trip to Omaha for over a decade, but for a different reason.  I have always planned to one year come out for the Berkeshire Hathaway annual shareholder meeting to see Warren Buffett in his element, but somehow have never gotten around to it.

Maybe next year?

Ich bin ein Berliner

It’s a famous John F. Kennedy quote, from his West Berlin speech in 1963.

All free men, wherever they may live, are citizens of Berlin. And therefore as a free man, I take pride in the words: “Ich bin ein Berliner”


I am in Berlin this week, after taking a direct flight from San Francisco to Frankfurt, and then a quick hop over to Berlin. I’ll be at eBay Germany all this week, meeting with our German team responsible for eBay Express.

What they don’t know yet is that I have also brought them See’s chocolate truffles from home.


So far, AT&T has totally failed me, as my cell phone isn’t picking up service. However, Skype is awesome, and I’m set up with Skype-Out and Skype-In, including voicemail. Makes me wonder why I have a normal landline at home, really…

The MacBook Pro also seems quite happy here. In fact, a lot of the furniture in my hotel room looks like it was designed with the MacBook in mind.