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There is so much interest in my personal finance posts that I’ve decided to collect the best posts here into a running index. This should hopefully help readers who are new to my blog, or who don’t want to sift through every article tagged with “Personal Finance”.

I’ll try to update this list at least semi-regularly. However, remember, for every up-to-the-minute post on Personal Finance, all you have to do is click here.

Last updated on 1/3/2017.

Personal Finance 

Personal Finance Education Series

529 College Savings Plans

Retirement Savings (IRAs, 401Ks)

Employee Stock Plans

Real Estate

Market Analysis

Book Reviews

5 thoughts on “Personal Finance

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  4. Adam, The above is a great reference but what does a person do if they do not have an extra funds to save or put into Retirement Savings or Exchange Traded Funds.

    But there is a solution and life style it is Consolidating ones Debt … as simple as combining two credit card balances or refinancing a home to pay off all short term debts … thus is wisely managed will give the extra month income to make additional investments … this mean more investments with out making more money … or putting the equity you have in a home To Work in other more profitable ventures. the article “” Title=”Consolidating Debt …
    There is yet a different prospective and that is lifestyle. So cash is more investments and more cash .. less stress.

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