Blogs I Read: Hitchhiker’s Guide to 650

If you haven’t checked out this blog, it’s worth adding to your regular RSS reader:

Hitchhiker’s Guide to 650

It’s written by a friend and former colleague from eBay, Will Hsu. Very witty and insightful, I like the sharp way he looks at key issues surrounding e-commerce, startups, and venture capital. More importantly, I feel like Will captures some of the real psychology of Silicon Valley.

Take his post yesterday on a great Web 2.0 CEO anecdote.

Now, I’m trying not to hold it against Will that he actually does not live in the 650 area code anymore. Still, the blog is a must-read.

I’ll be posting from time to time the blogs that I really recommend, and adding them to my blogroll on the right.

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  1. They were doing an egg-drop project, modeled after the Mars rovers, and their teacher had them each write questions to Steve Squyres about the rover mission. ,

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