Seema Shah has a Blahg

One of the fun things about having a blog is that you start discovering that many of your friends have blogs.  It’s interesting because somehow, before you start blogging, you are relatively unaware of these blogs.

I find that I learn so much from friend’s blogs, even when they are infrequently updated and silly.

Well, today I learned that Seema Shah, a fellow product manager at eBay, has a blog.  So much fun to read through these posts!

Seema is one of the rockstar product managers on next-generation search for eBay.  She was an invaluable contributor to the initial launch of eBay Express, and more importantly, a person who really champions innovation and actively blends customer insight with technical insight.

You might not get this all from reading her blog, however, which is why I’m calling it out here…

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