Need Ideas for a Good Present? Eight (8) Core Xeon Mac Pro

Every year, people seem to have trouble figuring out what gifts I might want for the holidays or for my birthday.  This year, it seems simple enough.

AppleInsider | Ripe in Cupertino: an Apple with 8 cores

I really can’t say what I might need an 8-core Xeon Mac Pro for anymore.  When I was a developer, I could always say, “Well, my average compile time is 30 minutes, so reducing it to 15 minutes would be a real time saver.”

Today, my world is mostly Apple Mail, Quicken & Safari/Firefox.  Not really that performance intensive.  I do spend a lot of time in iPhoto & Photoshop CS2, so I guess that qualifies.  I have a 43GB photo library of over 29000 shots that can get pokey at times.  Applying filters to a 100MB scan still takes quite a bit of time on my dual G5.

I have been surprised at how many PC owners have decided to make the Mac Pro their first Mac.  My cousin Scott.  My friend Eric.  Apple really hit the nail with the Mac Pro in price/performance.  Apple design & quality, and performance cheaper than the equivalent Dell by hundreds of dollars.

So, it’s official.  You have my permission to buy me one of these 8-core machines when they come out.  I will not complain.