2009 “Not a State” State Quarter Designs: Guam, Washington D.C., Virgin Islands

It’s been a while since my last coin post, but frankly, there has been a lack of interesting coin news lately.

But time moves on, and I noticed yesterday that the U.S. Virgin Islands voted on their preferred design for their US State Quarter.  The U.S. is release 6 quarters in 2009, as an extension to the popular US State Quarter program, to honor the other territories that are part of the U.S., but aren’t states:

  • Washington, D.C.
  • Puerto Rico
  • Guam
  • U.S. Virgin Islands
  • American Samoa
  • Northern Mariana Islands

Here are the contenders and winning design for the U.S. Virgin Islands (thanks, CoinNews.net):

Here are the design options and final choice for Guam:

Here is the final design for Washington, D.C.:

I personally choose to collect the US State Quarters by buying the entire Silver Proof Set for the year from the US Mint.  It’s a highly liquid and known product, and having the coins in silver with the proof stamping process rather than base metal is clearly a more stunning representation of the coins.

The US Mint will cap off the official State Quarter program in the fall with the final original state quarter for the 50th State (with apologies to Senator Obama, not 57), Hawaii.

5 thoughts on “2009 “Not a State” State Quarter Designs: Guam, Washington D.C., Virgin Islands

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  2. Okay…so where can these quarters be found? So far 2 of them have been released and none of the banks in my area (Dayton, Ohio) can get them. I just want to have a little fun collecting them without paying an arm and a leg!

  3. I was talking with the banks and they said there would be no more minted. They didn’t have all of them, but it was going to be just as fast sending them out as shutting them down. So I would suggest if you are going to do it, do it now.

  4. Man, I feel dumb. 😦 I didn’t even know Guam was a state. I thought it was a city in Hawaii. Stupid. LOL. Hahaha. I guess I shouldn’t of skipped my geography class in high school as much as I did. I must of missed the one about the states of the US. LOL. Guam’s a state! Not a Hawaiian city! Hahaha. Stupid. LOL. I’m sooooooo stupid. Hahaha. LOL.

    • Richard, you’re not dumb. Guam is neither a city in Hawaii nor a state; it is a territory of the U.S. Guam’s official name is “Territory of Guam”, so don’t feel stupid.

      Guam is the last in the chain of the Northern Mariana Islands in the Pacific, not many people know it even exists.

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