An Obama Article During the Republican Convention

I generally don’t write about politics here on my blog, largely because I tend to be more issue-oriented than party-oriented, and that seems to bring out fire from both sides of the aisle.

Right now, I’m hopelessly behind on keeping up with the conventions – I’ve downloaded all the speeches from the DNC, but haven’t watched them yet.  Similarly, I haven’t yet watched a single minute from the RNC.

Strangely enough, however, I was forwarded a link to an article Marc Andreessen wrote about meeting Barack Obama in March 2008 that is worth reading:

A Hour and a Half with Barack Obama

Marc’s blog, by the way, is the blog that most closely resembles what I wish my blog could be.  Or should be.  Most of the articles are deep, interesting, sharp, and reflect frank advice and perspective that you don’t typically find in either professional news or popular blogs.  Worth subscribing to if you don’t already.