Welcome to World of Good

Seema may be a pretty miserable blogger, but she’s a great product manager.  And her site just went live last week.

Congratulations to the team, and welcome worldofgood.com.

World of Good is an attempt to produce the first, global-scale marketplace for socially beneficial goods.   Yes, when you shop the site you will see badges for:

  • Eco-Friendly
  • People Positive
  • Animal Friendly
  • Supports a Cause

It’s a nice initiative because it combines some of the raw, positive economics from aggregating demand for these poorly distributed goods, allowing many of the vendors to reach buyers they otherwise would be unable to find.  It’s a classic eBay play to try and make an inefficient market more efficient.

I’m not sure of the overall business opportunity here for eBay, but it’s great to see this two-year effort pay off for Seema and the team.  Congratulations.

One thought on “Welcome to World of Good

  1. Thanks for the post, Adam! (I think.) If only we’d pulled the plug on Express earlier – could’ve recommissioned that platform for WorldofGood. 😉

    I sent your ‘eulogy’ around to the team, btw – I’m sure we’ll face many of the same issues, plus others specific to this industry… We are at least trying to set practical expectations since this is not really a revenue play for eBay.

    “pretty miserable blogger….” hahahaha! Can’t deny it. 🙂

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