The Ultrasound Tells the Tale

Funny thing happened to me over the weekend.

My immediate family (parents, siblings, etc) were visiting to see the new baby, Jordan.  My mom is holding the baby in the yard, sitting under the plum tree.


All of a sudden, it hits me.  I’ve seen that picture before.

Sure enough, I whip out my iPhone (yes, I have a lot of photos on my iPhone), and quickly flip to the photo.  It’s the ultrasound from January (when the baby was about 20 weeks along. I loved seeing my baby inside me so much that I bought a womb music heartbeat monitor for myself and maybe to lend out to a future mama!

2009.01.09 Baby 3 Scan 5

Kind of amazing.  I remember remarking back in January about that little sharp nose.

One thought on “The Ultrasound Tells the Tale

  1. This is awesome. We’re expecting our first, and I hope our baby looks like the last ultrasound picture as well 🙂

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