Tivo for Comcast HD is Here… It’s ALIVE!

Well, CES 2007 is underway, and the big news for me is the official demo of the Tivo software on existing Comcast Motorola HD DVRs…

From EngadgetHD:

They took their freaking time getting around to this, but at CES this week Comcast is showing off what they’d been promising to deliver for nearly two years: a cable DVR box with TiVo software on it. It’s good news for subscribers who know the pain of Comcast’s current DVR offerings, though as of right now we still have yet to learn how much a TiVo-enabled box will cost or when exactly it’ll be available.

If you click the picture above, you’ll get a small series of snapshots.

First thoughts… I may get the Tivo Series 3 after all. This looks like some weird hybrid – the Tivo software, with the Comcast/Motorola guide. I like the Tivo Guide a lot – it may not be perfect, but after 7 years of Tivo, I know it like the back of my hand.

Lara, if you are reading this, maybe you’ll be my guinea pig for trying this out? 🙂

Get a Tivo Series 3 for $510.98 AND Transfer Lifetime Service!

Two quick hot tips today on the Tivo front.

First, PVRBlog is reporting a deal at Dell that can get you a Tivo Series 3 for only $510.98.   This deal is so good it makes me wish I had HD already.

Second, PVRWire is reporting that you can, in fact, transfer your lifetime subscription from your DirecTivo to the Series 3.  This is important, since until now, people had thought the deal was only good if you transferred the lifetime subscription from a Series 2.

That makes a very sweet package for someone dying to get away from the DirecTivo morass and make a clean break with a Series 3 and Comcast HD.

Since I’m talking about Tivo, a couple other quick picks:

A merry Tivo to all, and to all a good night.

Tivo Series 3: Holiday Gadget Guide Review

There is a really good review of the Tivo Series 3 on the new Holiday Gadget Guide being hosted by Federated Media.  It’s written by the guy who writes for PVRBlog.

Tivo’s going HD: The Series 3

Very balanced review, but I think it highlights the dilemna that everyone has.  There seems to be no question that this is the best HD DVR out there, bar none.  But the price!  Ouch.

As a result, I’m going to add this to the same list that the Nintendo Wii is on.

It’s the “feel free to buy me one for the holidays” list.

Much appreciated!  Thank you in advance.

Rant: The Comcast HD DVR Is Simply, Terribly Awful

I usually don’t like to just post a pointer to another blog, but in this case, I have to.

John Battelle, clearly in an emotional moment, posted this evisceration of the Comcast HD DVR today versus his Tivo experience.

I had a chance to meet John briefly, as he came to speak at eBay about a year ago on the future of search & media. While we don’t agree on everything going on in the industry, it’s nice to see that John & I are two kindred spirits when it comes to love of the Tivo.

When you think about it, the DVR problem isn’t very complex anymore, really. How hard would it be to just copy the Tivo? However, interestingly, it seems like every DVR maker now tries to “improve” on the Tivo experience, and in the process, manages to display to the whole world how little they understand about the design nuances that make the Tivo experience wonderful.

I am in a very small audience of people who have actually deferred adopting HDTV until I can find a Tivo solution that makes sense for my household. We’re incredibly dependent on our two DirecTivos, and with DirecTV’s suicidal abandonment of Tivo, I’m left waiting for either the Tivo Series 3 to come down in price, or for the Comcast/Tivo solution to prove itself viable.

Anyway, read John’s rant. It brightened my whole day.

Tivo Series 3 to 1 TB Hack

Nice coverage on Engadget of a hack to take the new, high-definition Tivo Series 3 to 1 Terabyte (1 TB).

Engadget Article

This gets your Tivo Series 3 up to 131 hours of high definition programming, which is not bad, but doesn’t quite match the 170 hours I enjoy on my DirecTV Tivo today (I have an upgraded box).

I have to say, having over 100 hours of storage definitely changes the way you use your Tivo. When we had 30 hours, my wife and I would rarely record movies, since 30 hours covered just about 2 weeks of average recording. Dual tuners made it worse, because you could actually now catch competing shows.

With 170 hours, we’ve never run out of room, and anytime we want to catch a movie we missed in the theater, we record it off one of the cable movie channels.

We’re one of the last hold outs who have not upgraded to HD yet. We’ve largely been waiting on a solution to two large problems in this area:

1) A decent, HD Tivo solution with 100+ hours and that doesn’t break the bank.
2) A solution to the fact that a new TV & setup means replacing our cherry entertainment center (purchased in 2001).

As usual, I have more faith in technology to solve problem (1) than problem (2).

Tivo Series 3 is Here!

Those of you who are thinking about what to get me for my birthday need to look no further than here:

Hands-on with the TiVo Series3! (Engadget)

This box is dripping with high tech sex appeal.  Check out the new LED display on the front of the device:

Tivo Series 3 LED Display

Even the new Tivo remote control is sexier:

Tivo Series 3 Remote

Unfortunately, there are quite a few reasons to give pause before shelling out for this hot new item:

  • List price: $799 (ouch) + service (double ouch)
  • Service is $12.95/mo, $299 for 2 years.
  • Cable companies & standards still leave Tivo2Go, MultiRoom Viewing, external hard drive, and video on demand features unavailable.

Interesting deal, though, for those of you who are interested:

  • For $199 you can transfer the lifetime subscription from an existing Series 1 or Series 2 Tivo to your new Series 3.

Personally, I may have to wait to see what the “Tivo software on the Comcast boxes” looks like later this year to make a decision.

So, Tivo lovers, rejoice!  We can only dream of a world where Tivo wasn’t fighting the entire cable industry to bring us a great product.