Shameless Plug: A Great Search on eBay Express

First and foremost, please remember, I am extremely biased.   As I have explained in previous posts, I run the Product Management team responsible for eBay’s newest specialty site:

eBay Express

But when you work harder than you ever have in your life on a new product, or in this case, a new website, it’s hard not to brag a little when you see something wonderful.

Last week, my wife was shopping for double strollers.  After researching the subject, she decided that she really like the “E3” brand of strollers.  She asks me, “Do you think there are E3 strollers on eBay Express?”

So she goes to the eBay Express homepage, and types “E3 Stroller” into the search box.  This is what she sees:

“E3 Stroller” on eBay Express

(10/22 Update: The liabilities of a dynamic marketplace… I’ve been alerted that there is no E3 Stroller inventory right now! I think you can see what I’m talking about just searching for Strollers in general).

Wow.  What a gorgeous page.  What a nice selection of colors and sizes.  Great prices and great brand-new products from great eBay sellers.

An amazing amount of incredible technology and innovation went into the new search engine for eBay Express.   But even though I know in detail how eBay Express managed to come up with that beautiful search result, it’s still wonderful to see it in action, on a query that I know we didn’t test specifically, and yet one that really mattered to my little family.

Just one anecdote, just one query out of millions.  But hey, here’s a quick shout out to the eBay Express search team – you are making magic happen every day.