Blogs I Read: Herb Greenberg

I have been reading Herb Greenberg since he was a financial columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle (yes, there was a time when I had a subscription to that paper).

I followed him to, and even ponied up $99 a year for a while for the privilege of reading his articles.

Now, he is at CBS Marketwatch, and even better, he has a blog!

You want to read Herb regularly if you are a fundamentals-based investor, and you like to read pieces about hot companies where some of the numbers may be in question.  Herb is very good about admitting mistakes, but I have to say, he’s normally very ahead of the curve with company problems.  As a result, there are quite a few CEOs out there who hate him.

Here are a couple of posts from his blog today that explain why Patrick Byrne, CEO of, hates Herb:

Overstock: It’s a conspiracy, I tell ya – a conspiracy!

More Overstock: Why Investors got Byrned. 

You might not realize it from these pieces, but Herb was writing about rising inventory levels and low turnover long before the public-facing numbers turned.

He’s fairly high on my RSS feed list.  I think if you invest in individual stocks, he should be on yours as well.