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A little over a year ago, Scott Kleper wrote a post about RSS Readers.  Without reproducing it here, the basic idea was that Scott doesn’t see the need for dedicated blog readers.  Instead, he prefers to use his rich email application to read his blogs.  In fact, he basically hacked together his own solution for translating all of his favorite blogs into regular email streams.

I myself still use My Yahoo to keep track of most of my blogs, although that is definitely having scaling issues.  However, now that I have my own blog, I’ve realized that most of my friends and family don’t have any sort of regular, blog-reading system.

Sure, if I send them an email, they’ll read my most recent posts.  But they have no daily process to “check up” on a blog, or to receive notification when a new post arrives.

To them, the web is still something you use when they want something.  They have nothing set up to receive a “push” from a site to let them know something interesting is available.

Well, I think I found a solution.  Feedblitz is a great little service that makes it easy for people to subscribe to an RSS feed, like a blog, via email.  It even allows the feed owner to customize the output in some very interesting ways.

I’ve set it up for this blog, and I hope that means that more of my friends and family who are not “blog savvy” will be able to read my posts.

I’ve added the link to my right column, but if you are interested, just click the following link to subscribe to this blog via email:

Click here to subscribe to Psychohistory via email

Let me know what you think.