Psychohistory is a Top Blog… For Today

Wow. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, here are the daily visits to my blog over the last 30 days:

As some of you know, I decided a few months ago to give blogging a try. Over the past two months, I’ve written about ninety posts, on a wide variety of topics.

Until today, my most popular post was:
VMware Fusion Goes Beta & Virtualization for Mac OS X Goes Pro

This was a post that got a lot of hits for a couple of days, most likely because the Mac has a pretty intense fanbase, and the news was pretty timely.

Today was the first day for a new post I made last night on one of my favorite TV shows, Battlestar Galactica:
My Theory on How Battlestar Galactica Will End

Here are the latest stats on the top posts for my blog over the last 30 days now:

All those visits in about 24 hours. It’s exciting, largely because unlike other posts, this one was something purely driven by personal interest, and less about “what people want to read”. It also is a more frivolous topic.

What really happened is this: someone found the post, and started a thread on the SCI FI channel website chat boards for Battlestar Galactica. So, it’s kind of like I was SlashDot’ed, but at one millionth the scale. 🙂

But success breeds success, so I’m happy to announce that today, for the first time, my blog is actually ranking well across all blogs!

My post is currently the 8th most popular post on today!

My blog is rated 22nd for the fastest growing blogs on

And, as I mentioned, it is now in the Top 100 ranked blogs on (#41):

It’s possible that the fifteen minutes of fame for this blog have started counting right now. In the end, the goal of this blog was not to become any sort of popular site or property. At eBay, we typically measure success in the millions, if not billions, of page views.  It’s funny to think that 600 page views is significant.

But it is kind of a kick to see the numbers jump like this, even if in absolute terms they are small. I continue to learn a lot about blogging through this process – I’m just glad that people are interested and enjoying my writing for the time being.

It’s also definitely fun to watch people debate my little theory on a potential ending for Battlestar Galactica.

Tomorrow I’ll be back to posts about personal finance and growing tomatoes.

4 thoughts on “Psychohistory is a Top Blog… For Today

  1. Y’know, it’s kinda funny that in the screenshot above, the post above yours is one I was reading last night when I came across a comment from someone named Adam Nash. “Hmm,” I thought, “I know an Adam Nash. Not all that well, admittedly, but I get his InCircle connection mails all the time. I wonder if that’s the same guy?” Turns out it was, and you’ve got an interesting blog here.

    Now let’s all go sing “It’s a Small World After All”….

  2. Well your paternity leave has been well spent–you’ve given birth to a bouncing baby blog (growing by leaps and bounds). Congrats!

  3. I put your link on the Scifi forum. i found it interesting.So did others. I hope to read more of your thought like this. i hate to say this ,but personal finace and growing stuff is not going to keep you in the top ten . try a more personal blog. Hope you do well in this , and all other things

  4. Thanks Viperloco. Of course, I’m not actually trying to be a top blog. This is just one of those interesting experiences that I think happens when you begin blogging. Inevitably, something you write about strikes a chord with people, and gets picked up.

    Since this is my personal blog, I’m actually quite content with it being mostly read by people who know me and are interested in hearing my musings on a variety of topics. If other people also find it interesting, that’s just an added benefit.

    The original goal of this blog was to have me spend a month writing at least one post a day. It’s now about 2 1/2 months later, and I’m closing in on post #100.

    Thanks for the link on the boards!

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