Who Is Voting For Sanjaya? (American Idol, Season 6, Top Twelve)

Funniest thing about today. It was a record day for my blog, almost 2,000 page views. I’m going to write a separate post about the metrics because they were pretty interesting.

The funny part is when I checked the #1 search term from outside search engines to my blog before watching the Americal Idol, Season 6, Top 12 announcements today, I found this phrase:

“who is voting for sanjaya”

Number 1 search term! Hilarious. All the hits went to this post.

Well, I don’t know who is voting for Sanjaya, but he’s now in the top twelve. Wow.

Really, I don’t know what to say. Maybe someone has actually figured out how to “crack” American Idol, kind of like the Google bombing from a few years ago. I can see some clever hackers laughing about it:

“Hey, what if we bring American Idol down?”

“How can we do that?”

“We’ll rig it so that Sanjaya wins”

Well, whatever Sanjaya has, I’m going to have to watch him sing at least one more time. Ouch.

Update (3/9/2007): The answer was found on Blogging Stocks. Apparently, there is a growing movement (as I suspected) to damage these shows by voting for the worst contestant! There are actually sites that are encouraging people to “Vote for the Worst”. And I was just kidding when I wrote this post originally!

Update (4/7/2007): All of a sudden, this blog post is getting thousands of hits a day again. I guess it is because we still have Sanjaya to kick around! The comment trail has become hilarious, so I’m approving them as fast as I can. Just for the record, it’s now well known that Vote For the Worst isn’t the only contributor here. Howard Stern on Sirius Radio has been stumping for Sanjaya with his millions of fans. Also, there definitely does seem to be a very real Sanjaya fan base, as embarrassing as that might be for those people.

Update (4/11/2007):  Nice coverage of the Sanjaya phenomenon on Newsvine, including a link to this post as one of five primary points outlining the causes.  Special kudos in the post to the elaborate comments here on Psychohistory…

65 thoughts on “Who Is Voting For Sanjaya? (American Idol, Season 6, Top Twelve)

  1. you’re right maybe Sanjaya will win because of all those Indians connected. They over power us Americans

  2. I think Sanjaya is getting votes from young teenage girls. He’s cute and sweet and younger than most other contestants. Let’s face it. It’s the junior high and older bunch who are really into this. They will vote for looks over musical ability . Look at Britney Spears.

  3. Bob, last I checked, all the people voting for American Idol were american. Doesn’t matter what race they are.

  4. hey, ok i am 13 and i love him and all my friends do so who ever says abunch of teenage girls are voting for him then there right!

  5. Whatever is going on with the American Idol voting…PLEASE STOP. You are destroying the credibility and spirit of fairness of the show. What is wrong with people who want to sabotage these kid’s dreams and efforts? JEALOUSY!!! My hope is that these very talented singer will capture the attention of people in the business and realize their dreams inspite of the bogus voting. Look at Kelley, Diana, Jennifer, Elliot, and others who now have recording contracts or are on Broadway or TV. CLIVE DAVIS, please pay attention!

  6. Don’t watch anymore since the show has become a shell of its former self. Clearly its a popularity contest and not a singing competition and should have its voting methods re-evaluated.
    Sanjaya should have not have made it as far as Hollywood. Pathetic!

  7. I have watch American Idol every season and have enjoyed it. Now I do not even turn it on. I think it is a shame that some really good and talented singers are going home when we all know who it should be. (Sanjaya) I am done with that show.

  8. I was a little disappointed last season when Chris Daughtrey was voted off, but fortunately he seems to be doing well. Don’t get me wrong, I love Katherine McPhee too. I have watched American Idol every season, but this season sucks! Sanjaya should have never even made it too Hollywood let alone still be on the show!! What the heck is going on? Gina being kicked off last night was so sad, she was an awesome singer! I thought that is what the competition was about, good singers. When it came down between her & Hailey, Hailey should have went home! But, I am disgusted that Sanjaya is still on the show & if he wins, like some people are predicting, I will definitely not watch the show ever again. I almost don’t even want to watch it anymore now, especially after last night!

  9. Everyone who is upset about people voting for Sanjaya should just get over it, I dont like him ethier but you wont get people to stop voting for him, All you can do is vote for him and hope he wins so you can destroy creditbilty to the show and hopefully next season they will change the voting system

  10. I loved watching A.I. when Kelly Clarkson, Fantasia, Carrie Underwood and others like them who can sing and have talent were winning all the votes. A.I. is no longer on my TIVO list. This season is a disgrace with Hayley first beating out Sonya for the 12 finalists! and now Sanjaya! A.I. needs to re-think the shows voting methods. Try combining scores from the judges along with voting from the American public with limitations on the amount of times you can vote (like Dancing w/The Stars). I understand it is reality T.V. and it is a singing/popularity contest, but we’ll see how A.I. execs handle the total loss of credibility the show has incurred.

  11. That is where I found that. I am extremally upset about this whole thing, and why Sanjaya is still there is a mistery to me. There were people that did sing well got kicked off, and there he is sounding like a chocking chicken, HE JUST NEEDS TO GO HOME AND FIND A DAY JOB, AND LET US HAVE REAL TALENT TO BECOME THE AMERICAN IDOL. If Blake gets kicked off I AM DONE WITH IT, SIMON GET A CLUE AND FIND OUT WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON. I know he does not like Sanjaya. I guess everybody is board with it so they are trying to get a rise out of people, and doing this is getting it. You have people who have a great voice and want this, and you put an idiot on here that does not have a good voice and giving him something he does not want, it is not fair to the other people, if this is how it is going to be. WELL TURN THE DAMN SHOW OFF. Gina you are great, and you are to good to be on that show anyways. Keep it up girl.

  12. May be people are voting for Sanjay, but still top 3 girls are still on top.. Why not they are not out yet.. Not even one of three…. they are all the best all the time (by every judge) … People who are leaving so far are not the top singers… they are Ok singers and criticized by judges many times.. Sanjaya is getting more votes… but top 3 signers ( voted last wed.) are still on top. If notice very famous singer ( who trained for the show) was telling that Sanajaya has nice singing voice.. but only lack of experience… Did any one thought of last number one American Idol can make to the top.. no.. .. then why everyone is crying about Sanajaya…. because he is young???? Lot of places and radio shows previous American idol finalists keep making fun of the Sanjaya.. they need to feel the shame if they look back their performance and struggled to reach to the final position. They are all losers except the one who reached to the top two… they should realize and feel shame if they comment on fellow new contestants… Stop whining about Snajaya.. start thinking about something else which is useful to society … What you gain or lose or what your neighbor gain or lose .. nothing…. People who post this and get more hits gain…. People who make money out of these shows gains…NOT YOU.. NOT ME.. let us stop this ….

  13. How can you be surprised and ask who is voting for him?

    were you just as surprised when G W Bush won the elections twice in a row?

  14. I Love Sanjaya and I am 45! Not only does he have a nice voice but he knows how to entertain. Being an idol isn’t just about singing but having a presence and he has IT. I loved Chris Sligh too but he just didn’t have the look.

  15. Maybe all the people getting voted off B4 Sanjaya should get a law suit against Howard Stern… or all those trying to ruin the American Idol experience. I bet some of those country stars are not very happy that there have been Idols that have burst into the country scene overnight. Check into to those people too. its sad that some persons have to ruin a neat thing and some thing worth watching on the television.

  16. Come on people lighten up, he’s not that bad! I’m reading he never should have made it to hollywood guess what the 3 judges that so call cant stand him gave him the golden ticket!!! And if you watched the first time he tried out it was pretty damn good! I think he CAN sing but with this much bad press can you imagine trying to get up there and sing, talk about a head job. Ok I’l give you that much better singers have been let go recently than him but hey thats how the show goes. Dont like it dont watch!

  17. well I think he has the gay vote. Which is perrty big population. Of coarse the teenage girl vote. and the people who want the worst to win

  18. hey I really like the show in the past but ever since this year the show has really started to look down hill. I wish that they would just kick Sanjaya off the show all you little girls and old women that want him don’t vote for him because you will never get him all you little girls you are killing the show

  19. Alright, I am an Indian and am certainly not voting for Sanjaya. I don’t think he is horrible but i think there are better singers on the show and better singers who have departed. I don’t vote on the show period. This is a reality show and they always need drama in them. How do any of us know that it is the public votes keeping him in. For all you know its a show strategy, and definitely a bad one at it. Instead of blaming other people who are voting for him start voting for your fav singer if you care that much. Ruben won against Clay Aiken, but everyone knows who was a better singer and who did better as a singer later.

  20. Being an an Indian, I myself dont like Sanjaya being there, as it is a singing competition and not a hollywood red carpet show biz. Irrespective of the community he’s from, his voting comes from all quarters. Indian community will achieve nothing but embarrassment to vote to such an un-talented show guy (he’s not that bad in singing, but his priority doesn’t seem to be singing)…..

    I would suggest American Idol change its selection pattern based on Judge/Expert’s points rather than asking the ignorant-public-who-choose-by-apperance.

  21. Ok so i have got to say something about This Season of American Idol. American Idol is ruined I have been a fan of this show from the begining. Honestly this type of frustration watching SanJaya and Halie who can’t obviously sing and reciveing votes disencourages me to even try out or even sing anymore. But for upcoming singers like my self i hope american realized that real talent and get the two voted off.

  22. There’s something about Sanjaya which I can’t figure out. He’s a typical indian thou was born/raise in the US. Just look how he dress up. He has a mysterious “X factor” which maybe the younger viewers like.

  23. Well lets think about this logically for the people who are saying they aren’t gonna watch the show ever again if Sanjaya wins…..duh why do you think people are banding together to vote for him, its seems more and more people are getting sick and tired of american idol so they band together to keep the bad people on just so the people who do enjoy the show will stop watching…….thats the whole plan so in Sanjaya wins and the real fans stop watching..then the haters have succeeded in kill american idol, I just don’t understand why all the people who hate idol spend all their time trashing the show and the contestants and now trying to ruin AI for people who enjoy it, if you don’t like the show then don’t watch. don’t get me wrong Im not really a fan favorite of Sanjaya and I really don’t think he’s gonna win but if he does that doesn’t mean im gonna stop watching the show as long as I get to see some good singers as well, granite everyone is entiled to their opinions but that doesn’t mean the need to ruin it of others who like the show by constantly berating it and trashing it and constantly repeating themselves….next thing you know they will be out with signs and doing protests just the the Phelps family, hopefully the haters of AI aren’t that stupid and ignorant.

  24. I am an Indian and I am not voting for Sanjaya. There are many other candidates who can sing much better then him. But to say that he is getting the Indian vote is completely wrong. It would be as bad as saying if a Black Singer were getting all Black votes. How ridicules do that sound? It sure is a reality TV and people have right to vote for whom ever they prefer. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it and get over it. At least he’s got the guts and confidence to perform in front of millions of people. I bet you most of you giving him bad name can’t even sing half as good as he can.

  25. Come on! Sanjaya is a joke, american need to stop joking. This young man is not an american idol not by a long long long shot. We have to be for real, most of the people voting for him don’t no anything about music. Voting to make a statement is not the way to chose an american idol. I will not watch it anymore if they continue to let the american people vote for our AMERICAN IDOL winner. I think it should be the judges, get a couple more judges and let them determine the AMERICAN IDOL WINNER!!

  26. Can you people stop your God Damn complaining? We all know Sanjaya has messed up and people who are way better than him have went home but that’s what idol is all about. We all know who should have won last season too, no offense to Taylor Hicks, but Chris Daughtery knew how to put on a show and could sing like tomorrow would be the last day he could. It’s depressing to see the resident rocker, Gina, go home but if she works at it, she can have a record contract before idol is even done! Some of the people who were voted off unfairly can be recording songs when the season is still airing. And like someone else said, you see how many papers and that are dissing Sanjaya and it’s like, ‘Wow! I could never live under that pressure! Let alone sing under it.’ Some people may have seen the statement that Simon made that he’ll leave if Sanjaya wins and may want him gone and they are pulling this crap off. I swear, if Simon leaves, I will NEVER watch the show again, Randy and Paula are too light on their answers and Simon is always serious, that and who doesn’t like to see Simon and Ryan fight? If Sanjaya wins, I’ll probably never watch the show again, but that’s only because the best judge will be gone. And stop generalizing that it’s only young girls. I’m fourteen and I wouldn’t vote for him if someone paid me to.

  27. oh, for crying out loud, leave Sanjaya alone! it’s not his fault he’s on the show in the first place and certainly not his fault he’s still on it. it’s pathetic how he is being ridiculed after every performance. the poor kid looks like he’s bracing for insults everytime it’s time for the judges to evaluate his performance. have some compassion. let’s just hope the american viewers will wisen up.

  28. Leave the kid alone! Are you so miserable w/your own lives? At least he is persuing his dream, what are you doing?If he wins it’s because he was VOTED

  29. Have any idea where can we find on website to show proof that how percent vote that Sanjaya is not bottom of 3? Why not show us how many percent votes rate all of contestants so we can see. I never vote because I use Sidekick T-mobile pager and I did tried one time last year but would not get through maybe because of Sidekick T-Mobile or busy all nights so I gave up. I believed Sanjaya is lead because of youngest teenager girls think he is so awesome and cool, or possible they votes because he looks like Purple Rain or Michael Jackson so…. They should have vote depend who is talent vocialist and best performance. I think they vote because of cutiest or youngest or handsome or beautiful… What is Americal Idol for?

  30. Have watched American Idol from the get-go but, I think that this young man(?) Sanjaya has really given the name “American Idol” a bumb rating….. I know that I have had to quit watching it as it is so phoney to have someone on with no talent at all….Just can’t get over Simon, he can critisize everyone else for their clothes, voice, attitude but the only bad comment he really give this kid was, about the changing of his hair!!! What’s with that Simon?? There is something fishy about this whole season, we still do have some very talented ones left but to see him left on leaves a sour taste in my mouth….For American Idol to continue maybe you were afraid of the ratings and needed something to spark it up a notch, I just feel you are going about it the wrong way. You know it’s really sad when you stand in the grocery store line and even hear the younger ones talking about that “Gina” got kicked off before Sinjaya did? I’d like to ask the question: “What does Americna Idol really stand for, and what standards is it setting for the younger generation”??? I really thought this was a good family show, hummm…..I think not!

  31. It is difficult to define talent. The success of stars likes of Frank Sinatra comes to mind. Early in his career he was considered no talent and described by many as a skinny unattrctive man with little to offer to the audience.
    Tell that to the millions of fans that tought the opposite.
    Englebirt a rival of Tom Jones was described a true musical talent. His rating and his shows indicated the opposite.
    Tom Jones however outlived many of his early critics and became a sensation. It takes more than voice obviously to turn the audience on. Energy of the like of Liza Mineli.
    Listen to her records and you will be amazed how ordinary she sounds. In conclusion talent is the mixture of energy, sex appeal, most often unique, radical, contreversial. This show spotlights all of the above. Asking why this young man is in the finals is not suprising. He has the ingredience of a star. American Idol is a shallow way to determine talent when the music is so one sided. If it is to be taken seriously define it with the true spirit of diversity. Bring on the classics, operas,jazz, rock. The audience is sophisticated to be entertained and intoduced to real creativity and talent.

  32. I like Sanjaya. Melinda is the best singer, but Sanjaya can sing. He just needs to work on belting it out a little more – sing with a stronger voice. He has a presence on stage that reminds me of Prince, especially the night that he sang the rock n’ roll. I see why the teenage girls like him. With more experience I believe he could sell records and be a part of the music industry. I believe Melinda will be the American Idol and maybe Jordin or Lakisha will come in second.

  33. I cannot give validity to the comments of those who have such poor use of the language…and can’t spell. These people are critics????
    I’ve liked Sanjaya from the beginning. He is clearly developing as an ‘entertainer’…which is a different concept from ‘pop singer’. I predict that he wil have a successful career as an entertainer…and that he won’t win this competition.

  34. I cannot give validity to the comments of those who have such poor use of the language…and can’t spell. These people are critics????
    I’ve liked Sanjaya from the beginning. He is clearly developing as an ‘entertainer’…which is a different concept from ‘pop singer’. I predict that he will have a successful career as an entertainer…and that he won’t win this competition.

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  36. I watch AI everyy week and I can not beleive that the american public actually beleive tha Sanjaya is worthy of a singing contract. Why build up this kids hope that he can sing when they know he can not. Let the kid leave in grace instead of getting a contract and becoming a one hit wonder if that.

  37. What do all you guys mean by “teenage girls”?? im 15 and none of my friends (older or younger) think he should still be on. I dont think he is a bad singer, but he just isnt as good as some of the others on american idol.

  38. Well as dancing with the stars another popularity contest Please take the teenie boppers cell phones before a no-talent is declared the winner. What a shame that a no talent is getting so much attention.

  39. people give him a break! your all being too harsh! is it because of his hair? his race? or maybe his style? I agree that Sanjaya is not the best singer of American Idol but I still vote for him because he’s been stepping it up a notch every week! especially last night when he sang Besame Mucho, now everyone has to say that he was hott and he did very VERY well. i swear people are very cruel nowadays and it’s sad. why dont you keep your comments to yourself because so what if he’s in the top 5!? he’s still not going to win and you know it. alls I know is that when he is done with this he’s probably going to be overwhelmed with hate mail and no one wants that. so please LAY OFF! IT’S DISGUSTING!!

  40. It seems the talent factor has gone out the window for the looks. i hope the people that have gotten the boot will keep pushing with there dreams and not let the narrow minded viewers that think this guy is all that spoil them.
    I think American Idol has taken a back seat to what they had started out as. A TALENT SEARCH not a beauty contest!!!

  41. OK, I still LOVE American Idol, but Sanjaya HAS GOT TO GO! He’s not a good singer. He’s pretty bad actually. Everybody on the show seems to get better, but him. People need to stop voting for him ’cause he’s “cute”. I don’t think he is, but whatever…he’s not a good singer. It’s frustrating to watch him continue every week, I cringe for him. I can’t believe he hasn’t dropped out of the show himself, I’d be humiliated by the media…apparently he likes the attention good or bad. For all those people who vote for him to ruin Idol, get a better hobby!!!

  42. I am an Indian, I give him an A+ for being out there and doing what he is doing. It takes courage to be taking the BS from all the negative people. To be facing the harsh judges and the public. He takes it all in stride. I will be voting for this talented young man.

  43. Why do I vote for Sanjaya? Let me count the ways: 1.) he sings (might not have the best voice), 2.) he knows how to entertain (might not be the best dancer), and 3.) he knows how to charm the American audience (this he knows best!). Ultimately, he might not win the competition, but hey, all those weeks of the show—the American public needs to be entertained! So what better recipe for an American Idol?

  44. I have read a lot of the posts to this thread and there is no doubt about several things…..Most of you do not know the slightest thing about grammar or spelling. Sanjaya is absolutely terrible and he and his mysterious legions of voters are bringing down what was an entertaining show that did lead to some great opportunities for young talented singers to get noticed and have a shot at recording. Finally, I have seen the posts regarding people of Indian (not “American” Indians so to speak) descent not voting in hordes for this guy. No way is that true. 3 weeks ago when he absolutely should have gone being one of the bottom three, there was a sign in the audience that read “Vote Sanjaya! He is one of OUR people”. The sign was of course held by an Indian. The computer voting rumours certainly could be a big factor since many of the jobs for programmers, engineers, etc. are heavily occupied by Indians.

  45. Our task is being accomplished and victory shall soon be at hand. As we have joined forces we are now unstoppable! Sanjaya shall win and A.I. WILL BE DESTROYED! A.I. IS A POX UPON THE MUSIC INDUSTRY, BUT THIS BLASPHEMY SHALL END! VOTE FOR SANJAYA AND END THE NIGHTMARE!!!

  46. OH common- be a sport and face it – may be the people who are voting, do like him and his singing and the way he attracts them. you all sound like bunch of J.

  47. Uptill a week ago I had no clue as to why Sanjaya was still here, But now I know. He has these devoted voters who are voting for him because of his ethnic back round. Last week I was at a party where I met two of sanjaya’s fans who openely declared that they will vote for him whether he sings well or no simply because they share the same ethnic backgrounds( or he is nice). Does not matter whether he is a better singer ( in fact one of them did not think AI is a singing copetition !!!!!)or not they will try to push him further in the competition. I strongly suspect that there is this secret society that has vowed to stick by him and make him win. One of them voted for him 100 times.
    My advice to everybody out there VOTE VOTE VOTE for your favorite contestant and don’t stop supporting them even if they have a bad week coz Sanjaya’s fans won’t stop !!

  48. hahaha…this is funny…I don’t watch A.i. that much because I’m busy but I’ve been hearing alot about sanjaya…and it cracks me up how much people are complaining about him…hahaha…I have one thing to say….Is he as bad as william hung??? hahaha….I mean, look at william…he’s making millions now and he’s worst then sanjaya….hahaha….Plus, what’s with all the bad attitude anyways? lighten up and relax alittle bit peeps…it’s just a reality tv show…don’t watch it if you don’t like it…hahaha…

  49. I voted for Sanjaya…I am forty-six and a former musician. Everyone keeps saying this is a singing competition…but it’s called American Idol. He is a true teenage idol…ala Donny Osmond, David Cassidy, He looks like an Indian Peter Frampton. With his sister, they can be like Donny and Marie. Face it the kid has tons of personality, he doesn’t sing horrible, and he is MARKETABLE! If I was a record company executive I would be signing him and his sister asap. Blake Lewis should win for superstar. Melinda Doolittle for sheer talent. But Sanjaya will sell tons and tons of records if given the right marketing machine and mentoring. Watch and see.

  50. Sanjaya is a good singer…at FIRST!!!! I mean on the day of his audition, but man, everyweek its the same range of voice i hear…he can only raise his voice like a half step. If he tries to do more than that you can hear he’s forcing it like that rock song he sang two weeks ago. you cant sometimes see if he’s forcing his voice because its covered by his irritating grin. Its a SINGING COMPETITON and Sanjaya’s limits already came out, he went out of his comfort zone and to tell you the truth, it sucked bigtime. Most contestants are trying what their range limit is and not trying to force it coz if they do they will croak like Phil Stacey, croaked on Maria Maria. I respect your favorites even if its Sanjaya but C’MON, he’s the one who will suffer…some of you likes him but he will take a bigtime embarrassment everyweek on AI. Expecially when he wins AI. Those who voted for him will say, YAHOO!!! Our Sanjaya won!!! But some will say, “Yeah, he won because of votes not on talent and he didnt won my respect”…If some of you guys really like Sanjaya, let him go now.

  51. I hate Sanjaya he reminds me of philippine idol were its where the hottest guy that gets voted even if he sang like a frog
    when i see him sing on satge i always wish some anti sanjaya fan can shoot him now and there….to all u sanjaya hating people plz….kick him out

  52. It is just not fair for the really talented contestants. Sanjaya supporters – Please be serious! You’ve had a fun.
    The party time is over. Vote for the excellent one. Not because he is cute or, so so singer but share the same ethnic background! That is not good enough to be an American Idol.

  53. hey, face it, Sanjaya is the only reason anybody is watching idol this year! Nobody else is even the least bit interesting. I dont think he’s a good singer, but i wanna see what he’s gonna do next. thats why he’s still on.

  54. i thought sanjaya was good at the audition, but he has to go now! He is kicking all the good people off, and some people even said he’s gonna win!! HE sSTINKS SO KICK HIM OFF. I hope he knows wat troblem he’s puttin everyone through! HOWARD K. STERN THIS HAS CROSSED THE LINE! this is like when chris daughtry got kicked off! But Hey! He’s more famous than taylor and taylor won!!

  55. I am so VERY THANKFUL that Sanjaya has finally been voted off. Now I can resume watching the show. I quit watching because it was ridiculous that he was still on the show when he couldn’t sing to a bunch of 2 year olds. Thank God he is GONE!!!!

  56. sanjaya is cute and has a good voice but a little quite and hes should have not been kicked off! blake should have or chris !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LOVE sanjayas biggest fan

  57. Thank you for listening to the comments of everybody here…thank you for thinking about the humiliation that kid will take…now that Sanjaya is voted off, the real competition begins…^_^

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