Sometimes the Best Birthday Presents are Late

My brother loves me.

How else could you explain the lovely birthday present that he gave me yesterday?


I’ve placed my order already to the Apple Store for:

  • Airport Extreme Wireless Hub (802.11N)
  • HDMI to DVI cable
  • DVI to RCA Video cable

The last two are essential because the AppleTV does not ship with any cables to connect the device to your TV.  Even if it did, the TV I’m going to hook up first is the one in the “playroom” for Jacob, which doesn’t have HDMI or Component inputs.  It’s a *gasp* regular, analog television.

There are some exciting hacks already online on how to put a larger hard drive into the AppleTV, install a terminal server, and add support for other codecs like XViD.

I’m obviously very excited to get it up and running.  So…

Thank you, Daniel.  I love you, too.

3 thoughts on “Sometimes the Best Birthday Presents are Late

  1. Daniel also asked you to be his best man yesterday, but I guess that pales in comparation to Apple TV, i.e., Apple TV is love.

  2. That burning sensation in the back of your head is my jealous glare. Yes, it’s strong enough to make it to the next building. I stopped by the Apple store and played with one of these babies this weekend. While it still kind of sucks for photo browsing, the TV part is pretty awesome.

    Congrats! And let me know if you find any wacky bugs. I’m not going to buy one until after my bday, but I’ll be jumping on the bandwagon one way or the other within the next few weeks.

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