How to Add a Second Hard Drive to the Tivo Series 3

Finally… we are getting a little bit closer to HD DVR nirvana.

These instructions on Engadget show you how to hook up an external SATA drive to your Tivo Series 3 to upgrade the external storage. Apparently, the secret is holding down the “pause” button on your remote as the machine boots up, and then entering “62” at the right time. Too cool.

Since you can get eSATA storage now in very large sizes, this is a great way to expand your Tivo Series 3 beyond the normal 250GB (30 hours) of HD storage.

Ever wish you could use that friggin eSATA port TiVo taunts you with on the back of your Series3? If so your moment has finally arrived — and not a moment too soon for many a DVR-loving TV fans whose drives are filled to the brim with HD programming. Best of all: you don’t even have to crack open your box or nothin’. Ready to get it going on? Let’s upgrade that TiVo.

Too cool.