The John Adams Presidential $1 Dollar Coin is Available

Big news today in the coin world… today, the Presidential $1 Dollar Coin series became, well, a series.

The US Mint is now selling rolls and bags of the new John Adams dollar coins.  I wrote a piece on the new coin a few weeks ago, if you’re interested in more detail.

There are already rolls of the new dollars available on eBay.  I personally am working to get a few boxes of the new coins, and will likely be selling them as well next week.  The US Mint is selling the rolls for $35.95 (25 coins), and the bags for $319.95 (100 coins). I’ll likely sell them for a few dollars less on eBay.  I’ve also come across some more George Washington dollar rolls – I’ll be selling those too.  Probably to people who didn’t realize that they’d only be available for a short time.

So far, there has been no report of any errors or issues with the John Adams dollar coins, but it’s still very early.  If there are legitimate errors, I’ll report them here on the blog.

The next big date in the Presidential Dollar Coin Program looks like June 19… that’s the date that the US Mint has given for announcing the different options for the 24K $5 gold pieces based on the “First Spouse” coins.

Update (5/24/2007): For a limited time only, I am now carrying unopened, original John Adams Presidential Dollar coin rolls in my eBay Store. Click here to buy them on eBay Express. If you are interested in the other rolls I am carrying, click here for all the coins I am currently selling.