Battlestar Galactica: The Fifth & Last Cylon (possible spoilers)

So, I’m confused. Is the last Cylon the fifth cylon (of the final 5) or the twelfth (since there are 12 models).


Great article today in SyFy Portal. (similar coverage on BuddyTV.) It’s a teardown from the recent Entertainment Weekly coverage of Season 4. They are very clever, and managed to squeeze some hints out of the 2-page spread which is designed to mimic Da Vinci’s “The Last Supper”, except with a silhouette of the last, unknown Cylon.

The trick is, of course, that anyone else featured in picture CAN’T be the final cylon.  You definitely want to click through here to the EW article & interactive picture.

So where does that leave us? From the article (now’s the time to stop reading…):

The photo spread, which can be viewed here shows 12 different characters from “Battlestar Galactica,” and an obviously empty location. That spot, says executive producer Ronald D. Moore, is being held for the final Cylon.

“We have not yet revealed the final Cylon,” Moore told the magazine. When the writers asked if that means everyone else sitting at the table is definitely not that last Cylon, Moore was probably the most direct he’s ever been on potential show spoilers.

“You ferreted that out pretty slyly,” Moore said. “I didn’t want to give that away.”

So who is a Cylon and who isn’t? The table features six already revealed Cylons: Michael Hogan’s Col. Tigh; a new Cylon model of Number Six played by Tricia Helfer named Natalie; Number Six (possibly Head Six thanks to the red dress and Moore’s description) herself; Michael Trucco’s Anders; Aaron Douglas’ Chief Tyrol; and Athena, played by Grace Park. Those who aren’t Cylons, and probably won’t be Cylons at all, include President Laura Roslin (Mary McDonnell), Lee Adama (Jamie Bamber), Gaius Baltar (James Callis), Kara Thrace (Katee Sackhoff), Karl “Helo” Agathon (Tahmoh Penikett), and William Adama (Edward James Olmos).

Strangely, my original post on spoilers for the Final Five is still one of the top posts on this blog.

Things get moving again in March.  Enjoy.

Update (4/6/2008): New post online about “Caprica” and implications for the possible fifth cylon.

Update (4/22/2008): New post on Episode 3 of the 4th Season: Ties That Bind.

Update (11/26/2008): New post on Final Five Candidates for the Fifth Cylon (Possible Spoilers).

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  3. All of the cylon models have very strong characteristics to that of the ancient greek gods.

    Number six for example is very much like Aphrodite.
    The Cavil cylon is like Ares.
    Sharon is openly called Athena.
    Chief Tyrol is like Hephaestus, god of the forge.
    Admiral Adama reminds me of Poseidon, god of the sea and smasher of ships, he smashed the wooden ships he was working on. Is there something in that perhaps? The last supper type picture would seem to suggest no.

    The eleven cylon models account for all but one of the olympian gods, Poseiden. And there’s no one who would fit the profile of that god more than Admiral Adama.

  4. dude it’s totally dee… think about how she always manages to get into a higher position of power/influence with each person she moves through… billy then lee and always siding with people in a greater position of power. she’s a cylon for sure.

  5. “Those who aren’t Cylons, and probably won’t be Cylons at all, include President Laura Roslin (Mary McDonnell), Lee Adama (Jamie Bamber), Gaius Baltar (James Callis), Kara Thrace (Katee Sackhoff), Karl “Helo” Agathon (Tahmoh Penikett), and William Adama (Edward James Olmos).”

  6. To go with the theory that all the cylons follow traits of certain greek gods, I would have to say that the last cylon is Admiral Cain. Adama would be a little too easy and it would be disappointing for the writers to go in that direction.
    My other guess would be Dualla and here’s why:

    1. Strategic in mating with highest ranking officials she can. She left Lee only when he compromised his standing in fleet.

    2. Anastasia = “resurrection” in greek — Dualla sort of = “12” in Sanskrit

    3. Several incidents of calm speeches to manipulate actions of higher ranking people – tried to persuade Lee to leave folks on NC and find earth and convinced the Admiral to reunite the fleet in S2.

    4. In s. 2, only one left alive when cylons were rampaging on ship

  7. “Those who aren’t Cylons, and probably won’t be Cylons at all, include President Laura Roslin (Mary McDonnell), Lee Adama (Jamie Bamber), Gaius Baltar (James Callis), Kara Thrace (Katee Sackhoff), Karl “Helo” Agathon (Tahmoh Penikett), and William Adama (Edward James Olmos).”

    That’s what I would say too if I wanted people to think that they weren’t Cylons.

    Roslin is sharing dreams with Caprica Six, Athena and Hera? Do humans share dreams with Cylons? Are humans, like the Cylons do, now projecting their own environment? I seem to remember Bill Adama having conversations with his ex-wife…

    How did Gaius survive the nuclear blast during the original attack on Caprica? (from the miniseries) And then he and Caprica Six see and hear one another in their own minds? Perhaps a glitch while “uploading” just prior to downloading into new bodies?

    Although the arguments for Dee being the final cylon are very good, what did D’Anna do to Dee that she should be apologizing for?

    We could go on and on, but until Ron is ready to tell us for sure, we’ll just have to keep speculating.

    And we all know that he’ll still try to do something that we don’t expect! Hoorah!!!

  8. D’anna might have been apologizing to Tigh for all we know, after all the cylons did rip out his frakkin’ eye. I have to trust Ronnie D. on this one, I don’t think he would leave the last cylon in plain sight, plus it wouldn’t make sense of the poster to have two duplicates of the same person on it (Adama and Cylon-Adama? No way). And another thing—
    People who suspect that Adama is the last cylon (and I know there are still those that believe he is) have to see the obvious. Adama can’t be the last cylon. He simply can’t be. He has a dad who published law books. He has a son (Apollo, respectively) and a whole lineage (Moore was going to have a series called Caprica for frak’s sake about the Adama family and some other family… so what his entire family are cylons and/or hybrids? That don’t make sense). I place my chips on the last cylon being Dee. Or maybe Billy (jus’ kiddin’)…. werd.

  9. The “unholy” couple is looking at Number Six who is reacting to someone out of frame. Her reaction is coupled with the position of her hands indicating suplication, distress, awe? Left a reply on other blog about props – check out tablecloth, glasses with reflections (especially by Adama), goblet (very Christian-like), books (spines) and clipboard by Lee with pen. Tablecloth has symbols.

  10. I’m going with Dom, the fifth cylon is Baltar’s lawyer, he was never worried about getting killed, probably cause he knows
    he’ll be reborn, nobody really knows anything about him, except
    he’s excellent at manipulating people. the thing that gave him away was when he left his cane and just walked off. Seems kinda sketchy to me

  11. can somebody further explain the meaning of the props in the last supper photo? i see that both tigh and starbuck have closed books in front of them, that lee has a clipboard and pen, that gaius and anders both have water, and that roslin seems to have a mini goblet of fire infront of her which she has just lit. not to mention, the spine on tigh’s book appears to be the symbol for the Libran colony? i’d love to know what people think about these clues!

  12. I like the theory involving Dualla, although she is one of my least favorite characters. I would like to read more on Zarek maybe, although that might be a little cliche. The theory on Cain is interesting, too, but again, I think that would be too easy since she was so unlikeable already. I think that it’s going to be the person we least suspect and someone that everyone likes and respects. Or someone who had access to everything all along, like Gaeta?

    What if it turns out to be Callie or Helo? That would mean that the Cylons CAN breed amongst themselves. That would add a whole new dimension!

    I don’t believe D’anna was apologizing to the unknown Cylon, I think she was apologizing to either Tighe or Anders. The way things are going, I think that we’ll all be in for a big shock.

  13. your logic is a bit flawed Bixly, there are two model 6’s in the picture why not two copies of another cylon model, i really don’t think it could be the lawyer, why would they wait until the end of the series to introduce something that big. The last cylon (if they planned this all along) would have to be someone who has been along from the start. My guess personally goes to Roslin, in fact I think the next episode will start with Starbuck killing her, everyone will be sad, the old man will shed a tear and starbuck goes to the brig but then in a few episodes we see Roslin emerge as the head of the cylon fleet and she will quell the cylon civil war the preview last night seemed to hint at. As for the cancer thing, fine Roslin was the first model after a certain amount of time she began to break down and developed cancer, the blood from a younger model mixed with hers and diluted the inefficiencies in hers. She has no past, she has nobody who can solidly vouch for her, and she is experiencing visions with other cylons. She even had headaches when the others in the final five started hearing the music. It has to be Roslin, they are setting it up.

  14. There’s a cup in front of the empty space. Ellen was poisoned. Could it be her?
    I don’t think that is a strong enough jolt dramatically.

    I think it is Zak Adama.

    Remember the quote from the dying prophet, ” Adama is a cylon.” It’s either mom, dad or one of the two sons.

  15. It’s Boxey! He was rescued…seen in the first episode…then disappeared…LOL.

    I don’t think it was Zak…I’m sure Adama’s wife told him all about the delivery…(If he wasn’t actually there.)

    My money is on Callie

  16. Those of the the 5 on the Galactica appear to have heard the music and came together. It’s likely that the 12th was not on Galactica to hear the music, thus their absence…. Who of the main contenders was not on the Galactica?

    As for their purpose, if the five represent the five pillars representing priests who served the jealous god, look no further than the original series. Who was the jealous god? His voice was shared by, if not imprinted upon, the cylon Lucifer. Remember, he showed up unexpectedly and posed as a savior. Has anyone shown up unexpectedly and promised salvation lately? Hmmm…

  17. Has anyone seen the storyline of the now confirmred prequel “Caprica”? It says that (Spoiler!) 50 years before the second cylon war a guy called Daniel Greystone built the very first cylon by copiing the mind of his daughter into a new body. Joseph Adama, Bill´s father, does the same with his daughter after she died at a suicide bombing attack on Caprica. Don´t you think that it is absolutely possible that Bill, our BSG-Admiral, is a cylon as well?

    For information about “Caprica” vist, although it´s in German.

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  19. Yes! “Adama is a Cylon.” That’s what Leoben told Roslin. And there are a few more clues. It was Adamas idea to try and find Earth in the first place – and I think that it is the mission of the ‘Final Five’ to lead the survivors to Earth. Also I think that the entire fleet loosing power as four of the five discover who they are is important. It’s not the first time we’ve seen it. Remember in Maelstrom when Adama and Roslin meet Starbuck in the corridor – When Adama turns and call her name the lights go out for a few seconds. Again in Crossroads pt. 2 while Adama is shaving the lights flicker several times. Are these clues to who he really is? Why did he not meet up with the others? Maybe he has been aware of who he really is all along. And as for it not being Adama because he had parents, well the Chief remembers his parents being religious people – they are different to the other Cylons – they do not resurrect in a goo bath like the others.

  20. Who were the 5 resistance fighters on New Caprica:

    1. Chief Tyrol
    2. Col. Tigh
    3. Anders
    4. What’s her name….I forgot. She was in charge of protecting Helo and Sharon’s child.
    5. Gaeta in Secret! He’s the 5th.

  21. Weren’t there 13 colonies in the first place? and who exactly is the cylon’s “one true god”? don’t you think they will try to explain who he/she is? and why the cylons believe in one god and humans many? and what was the “conflict” between the humans and the gods which made the colonies leave kobol? i think you have to take these questions into account when formulating a theory.

  22. I think there ARE 13 cylons. And judging from the Dylan song and the fact they found the pioneer space satellite, I think one of the two has been on Earth (and maybe the Cylons don’t even know about hiim). Makes me believe it might be Zak Adama and Lee.

  23. So far the 4 of 5 Cylons all have T’s in their names.
    Saul Tigh
    Galen Tyrol
    Tory Foster
    Samuel T Anders
    Nothing the writers do is by accident. My choice is Tom Zarek. And he’s made a reappearance now, so that’s entirely possible.

  24. What came first the chicken or the egg? Humans or Cylons? What if the cycle between the two have been going back and forth for centuries? I think the Cylons created man on Kobol long, long, long ago and man revolted against their makers and fled. Cenuries later, man creates machine, eventually the Cylons, the revolt and flee… wash rinse repeat…

  25. My vote is with Jasper, for the same reasons. One could argue that Thrace has a T also, but it’s not a hard T sound… Anyway yeah, I think it’s Tom.

  26. With all the references to Greek mytholgy (most of the characters names have Greek origins) it follows that the 12 Cylons are based on the 12 Olympian Gods. So, if you can figure out which Olympian God is not yet represented by the know Cylons then maybe you can work out who it is. But I doubt it. The cylons keep going on about ONE God which would indicate it would have to be Zeus, being the leader of the Olympians. And of course Apollo is the son of Zeus. But both Adama` ..are in the picture so I don`t know. Maybe Lee`s grandfather is the Cylon.

  27. re: the olympian god theory.

    Gaeta is now, after his surgery, lame. Just like Vulcan/Hephaestus….

  28. Tom Zarick is the final Cylon. The final Cylon will not be a main character, but it will be a pivotal player in the story, Zarick fits that bill. He has the trust of Lara Roslin. In the story of the execution on New Caprica (Exodus), Zarick gets on the truck with Roslin, claiming to have pissed off Prez Baltar at the start of the occupation, 4 months in detention. At least two of the other new Cylon models were out of the picture for long periods of time, Anders (left on Caprica with the original resistance, his whereabouts are unknown until the return to free them,) and Sol Tigh(he is not seen after he leaves the Galactica until he is released from detention.) I can’t trace the whereabouts of Chief Tyrol or Tory Foster yet, but i have a feeling that those who vanished for a time and then reappeared are Cylons, and Tom Zarick fits that bill.

  29. How about this:

    Starbuck = Saul’s wife = Model 6

    Each a different version (aged). They are the first ever model.

  30. I personally theorized last season that Dualla was a cylon. I wouldn’t be upset or disappointed if it turned out to be her.

    However, lately I’ve come to think that Doc Cottle would make a fitting choice as the last cylon.
    He is certainly connected to all the important characters and has influenced most of them at some point or other.
    Also, as for the whole Greek gods thing, his grizzled continence does seem rather Zeus like to me.

  31. I do not believe any of the 4 in hiding are Cylons, especially Tigh. The six is pregnant – Cylons can’t reproduce. Simple as that.

  32. Are you sure six will have the baby? Actually able to reproduce? Maybe it’s like the Doctor Who episode where he says travelling from one alternate reality to another is impossible. The humans/aliens manage it but later get sucked back into their own reality. In other words miscarriage. Which could explain why Six wants Hera.

  33. It’s gotta be Cain. I like the Olympian Theory. Cain would certainly fit the bill of being Posideon. Also, Michelle Forbes signed a multi-episode deal, therefore, she is going to be back in Season 4. Another strong point is that the other four of the final five are extreme cylon haters. Cain fits into this group nicely.

  34. I really don’t know about the final cylon but the only two Adama’ it could be are Zach and Joseph. Anyway here’s what I think will happen when they get to Earth. It was once populated by Cylons and humans, one in command and the other slaves, which I don’t know. But they get there and the place is a wreck because they killed each other and destroyed the planet. So they decide, for each others sake, to live together with one God (I’m not religious by the way). The final five I believe left Earth with the 8 humans and settled on Cobol and had a go at each other again so they went their separate ways. And here we are again, the cycle that keeps happening again and again. What do you think?

  35. I’ve had a few wonderings… potential spoilers ahead:

    Given the hybrid’s ramblings, she said that Kara was the harbinger of death. Other clues, such as the two hybrid kids, one male and one female, leads me to consider that Kara does help them get to Earth, almost everyone is wiped out and the two babies are what’s left. The rambling from the hybrid also said “All that has happened before is happening again.” The two babies are the new Adam and Eve on the rediscovered planet.

    Gaeta seems to be a strong contender for the fifth. He was singing (and it was so conspicuous that it couldn’t just be an episode filler), fits in the theme with the Opera House.

    Unfortunately, I’ve read some suggestions that Earth is the “fifth cylon”, as some of the scriptures in the story refer to Earth as “Cylon”. I hope not.

    I originally thought Dee would be the 5th, but she’s had so few appearances in this season so far, it’s not enough exposure to suggest her character’s being set up for that revelation.

    For those who wonder why Roslin fainted during the power outage last season, it’s explained. She gets visions every time she’s in a ship that prepares to jump.

  36. I’m betting the final Cylon is Doctor Cottle. You see how the dying Cylon reached out to him as she died? How he showed her compassion as she died.

    What I want to know: When they find Earth, will it be our earth of 2000 years ago? Are they bringing Christianity to Earth when it was created? Will the Galactica burning up on re-entry be the Star of Bethlehem?

    There are 10 Olympians that everyone agrees on being part of the 12 gods of Greek mythology. The last 2…well, there is debate of 2 of 4 are the last 2. In the 10, it is 6 male, 4 female. The debated 4 is 2 & 2.

  37. It’s Dee. Her full name is Anastasia Dualla; Anastasia is the feminine form of ANASTASIUS which is ancient Greek for RESSURECTION …End of line.

    Gender: Feminine
    Usage: Greek, Ancient Greek
    Other Scripts: Αναστασια (Ancient Greek)
    Pronounced: a-na-STAY-zha (English), a-na-STAS-ee-a (English) [key]

    Feminine form of ANASTASIUS. This was the name of a 4th-century Dalmatian saint who was martyred during the persecutions of the Roman emperor Diocletian.

    Gender: Masculine
    Usage: Ancient Greek (Latinized)

    Latinized form of the Greek name Αναστασιος (Anastasios) which meant “resurrection” from Greek αναστασις (anastasis) (composed of the elements ανα (ana) “up” and στασις (stasis) “standing”). This was the name of numerous early saints and martyrs.

  38. its Helo… its been demonstrated throught the Cornonal and Chief that the last 4 can breed with human or cylon…it could also mean that they are the descendants of the original 5, which means there could be a whole boat load of cylon/humans out there that never went active. Also Helo wasn’t on board when the music was heard.

  39. I originally thought it was Lee (and made a 20 dollar bet on it argh) though since seeing the pic well, bugger.

    My second choice was Cain, think that would be an interesting turn.

    Dualla is so dull it would be ridiculous to make her the last one, no shock value really. She’s just…dull. No matter what leads up to her being the final one if she is, whether she holds the survival of the human race in her hands or not when it happens, it will still be dull.

    Ellen is a slight possibility for me, would cause alot of stress for Tigh and some opportunity for revenge on her part.

    Zak did occur to me a while back and I’m liking the idea more and more.

    Just saw the midseason finale……can’t wait for the next!

  40. Dudes, having not seen the final 2 episodes of this season 4, I have to think it is Gaeta.

    Earlier in the season Baltar and Gaeta get into a fight, gaeta is ready to kill him, Baltar says something about knowing a secret about him….

    Gaeta gets shots, weird singing…

    You have to admit, he is perfectly placed as a cylon.

  41. Ok, so I’m late in this but my vote is for Dee, albeit for those reasons plus this:

    Who were the three who helped rig the election for Roslin?

  42. Earth is the cylon homeworld, they will find some cylons on Earth. There will be also bodies and bones of dead cylons on Earth. Final five have been part of the 13th colony that left Kobol. There will be some other planet that is now homeworld of the 13th colony by the end of the 4th season.

  43. Okay my idea is WAY out there but how about this, Starbuck’s ship is the last Cylon. It was said that the final five would point the way to Earth. The ship was emmitting the frequency and the other one’s alerted Starbuck. I know it sounds crazy but…..

  44. I think that some guy said that Romo Lampkin is the final Cylon. He also said that in episode 16 it will be explained how Romo left Galactica undetected and went to Earth (this happend in episode Sine Qua non). They will find him on Earth. Romo Lampkin is supposed to be the oldest of human Cylons, the last of the final Five. This guy claimed that he watched when they shoot these scenes.

  45. Well i believe it would have to be Bill Adama. I know he has history – family – and the new series (Caprica) but leoben told the Roslin that he was a cylon. And his test was never revealed. But this would’nt mean he was one of the final 5 but every thing that leoben has said, has came true. (starbucks – Role) I would believe that he has lied once. (About kacey – Kara ‘daughter’)

    So i would bet its Bill Adama.
    Second guess would be some one who holds/held ‘Adama’ in their name

    (sorry about my grammer)

  46. Pretty sure the final cylon is Anastasia Duala. Leoben said the final cylon is an Adama… Wouldnt she qualify as an Adama? She is married to Lee… My money is on her!

    Lets wait and find out!

  47. I think the unkown fith cylon is Andromus.

    Andromus was the commander of an advanced “A-B” Cylon fighter with a unique Cylon physical form: The appearance of a human, although he is still more android than a biological construct.

    Andromus’ fighter crash-lands in New York. He takes Centuri (the only other survivor of the crash; a second Cylon android perishes) on a mission to transmit a distress signal back to the Cylons.

    Very simular to the recent story and signal on starbucks fighter, which helped them find earth..

  48. Guys, you forget one very important thing. One other clue to the 5th’s identity is linked to the “wake up call”. The 5th cylon was NOT on the ship when the music went on, compelling the 4 to gather. If it was, it would have been revealed as well. Also, later, 3 confirmes that there were only 4 cylons on the ship at that time (she would not have made that assumption if she wasn’t sure of it, so just not seeing the 5th is not an option. She knew exaclty where they were becore seing them).

    That being said, the 5th cannot be either Gaeta, Dee, Starbuck, Roslin, or any other character on Gallactica at that time (I would also presume that the “wake up call” would have been heard all across the fleet, ruling Zarek out as well, beacuse 3 didn’t feel the 5th there either). So it could be ANY character who died before the “wake up call”. It must also be a huge surprise and a tensionate one. So minor characters as Adar are also out of the question, beacuse the main characters do not have a special relationship with them (Roslin’s was not that powerfull for a proper comeback). Also, the 5th is NOT the Cylon God. That is (or was, if it has been replaced or not) the old Hybrid in Razor Flashbacks, the first skinjob. The final 5 are equal in rank, and the Cylon God, if it’s a cylon, it’s another one.

    Zak is a good theory, ALTHOUGH!… Leoben could not have known the last 5 to point Zak out. Also, I bet my money on a well known character beacause this is the way the public will get the most eccitment and I dont think that the producers will not want to make the most of it. This gives me a few options left:
    – Admiral Cain – too evil in my opinion for a proper comeback, the surprise would be not that powerfull, plus that we all have the feeling that she got what she deserved when 6 shot her adn I don’t think the producers what to stir that again.
    – Ellen – not a powerfull enough presence, and also hated by many for betraing the resistance, the 5th should be a loved character for the best effect. Moreover, Baltar identified her as non-cylon. And yes, Baltar’s test works, beacuse he identified Boomer, but he chose to keep quiet, and then he didn’t continued testing to get to all the other characters. If he did, I”m sure he would’ve found the others, including the final… 5 🙂
    – Kat – A better choice than the previous, because of her sacrifice to save the last ship lost in the nebula, but still a bitch a lot of the times, especially to Kara, which made her unpleasant a lot of episodes. Still, the actual caring Kara has for her might be enough of a comeback drive.
    And my final. most confident and best option is…
    – Billy – Let’s face it. Who on this show didn’t love Billy? He was sweet, shy, hurt by Dee, still he was intelligent in advising Roslin and stood by her all the time. She considered him her son. I have all the confidence that he is the 5h Cylon. Just give it a thought…

    Still, there is a thing that I haven’t really figured out yet… When 3 sees the faces of the final 5, she stops at the last one and sais “I’m so sorry, I didn’t know”. So it must be someone she did soething bad or fought dirrectly against to. If Billy is the final cylon, she or any other cylons didn’t have a special relationship with him. Unless, of course, she was not refering to the 5th, and then the best match is Saul, who was tortured in the cylon prisons, even if not by her, and lost an eye. Still, that sounds like a possible clue to the 5th to me… It could be, it could be not. Maybe you have other viable options… It’d love to see them.

  49. It’s obvious the 5th is Dualla. Anastasia means Resurrection in greek. Greek mythology is used in this show. Then looking at the last supper picture there is a space between Lee and tigh. There is a cup there which represents Christ who ressurected after 3 days. Christ being as one God which is what the cylons believe. Dualla being Lee’s wife would make sense having that empty space next to him. They did say the final is a woman and not in the Pic of the last supper..then again I could be wrong.

  50. The discussion about greek gods is spot on. Keeping in mind all the death and resurrection scenes and the fact that D’anna is the only one who knows the final five and apoligizes to one, the final cylon is obvious. The camera will turn from D’anna (Lucy Lawless) to reveal — Renee O’Connor as Gabrielle. They were last seen on a “ship” together!

  51. All I know for sure is that it cannot be Bill Adama. In the mini-series when he was stuck on the weapons station with Leoben, he didn’t get sick from the radiation.

    I think it’s either Gaeta or Lee.

  52. The fifth Cylon is a computer on Earth that has finally been able to recall all the Cylons. And ALL are Cylons. There are no humans, they’ve all been dead for centuries

  53. ok, lets look at at few things ” Razor “, didn’t the hybrid say that the 5th is looking for redemtion ? Let’s see..who (dead or alive) is looking for redemption ?

    1. Kendra Shaw..for starters. Yes, the baseship in Razor did blow up..but, who’s to say that she didn’t get off somehow or another..yeah we saw her pull the trigger..but what if that nuke didn’t go off right away ? Her redemption would be for killing those families on Silla

    2. What about the doctor who was killing the Sagittaran’s that came aboard Galactica..was supposed to be Tigh’s friend ? Wouldn’t redemption fit into that scenario ?

    3. Baltar’s lawyer..a definite possibility here..although we know almost nothing about his past. Has anyone ever noticed the camera work during these episodes..especially when he’s staring down Lee in the corridor and leaving his cane against the bulkhead. There’s definetly some kind of message in that footage if you look carefully.

    4. Tom Zarek..also another possibility..seeking redemption for so much he did to be imprisoned on Astral Queen when the war broke out…probably even more as guilt being imprisoned on New Caprica for 4 months and not being able to help everyone else..remember..Dee or Billy said (the first time they went on Astral Queen to meet everyone ) that he was a freedom fighter. Hard to do when you’re imprisoned.

    5. Doctor Coddel..we know so little about this person’s past. He doesn’t really talk about it but he’s in the perfect position (being a doctor) to use that to remove guilt and help others and to see redemption

    6. Felix Gaeta, for his role in the Gaius Baltar administration on New Caprica. Perhaps he feels guilty for not having done enough to save his people and in backing the wrong man..perhaps he feels bad after realizing that he shouldn’t have said anything to Col Tigh in the election of Baltar vs Roslin. Had he kept his mouth shut and not told Col Tigh about the fake ballots, Roslin would still have been president and they would have never settled on New Caprica

    7. Ellen Tigh..possibly seeking redemption for her general behavior as Col Tigh’s wife..cattin around, always flirting with someone and also for betraying the resistance by having the cylon’s ambush Sharon, Zanders and the others..for stealing that map that she was supposed to burn.

    Now, also consider this. When Deanna was in the temple of 5 on the algae planet she was looking at all of the final 5 face to face..and only 1 of those final 5 was shorter in height than her..that’s Tory. The others are of almost equal height. Also remember when six and Baltar are in the opera house and look see 4 beings of almost equal height except for one. With this in mind, I don’t think that Dee is the 5th. I also dont think it would be anyone that we KNOW is in really Cally, from the airlock. Kat, died of radiation poisoning.

    I think Cain would be an interesting 5th..but I can’t see her motive for redemption..unless it would be for all of the people that she killed under her leadership for that ” easy target ” cylon staging ground target..OH..but she does have motive for being pissed at Adama..both of them..I bet she’d be pissed for finding out that Lee turned her ship into a battering ram..I still say that was an unnecessary thing to do..Lose of Pegasus was totally stupid..Galactica’s FTL was online when Pegasus distracted the other basestars..and Lee should have jumped Pegasus from there too.

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  55. think it’s cally, the epsiode she died in she was complaining of headaches since the nebula in the doctors, tyrol said she was interested in baltars religion, search for redemption.

  56. The 5th cylon will be a completely brand new character that they meet on Earth. A character that is possibly related to the Adama family in some way. That’s my best guess.

    Either that or it’s Starbuck who wasn’t a cylon originally but became one after dieing possibly? Because the Cylons used her DNA to make a replica, basically a clone, that she could resurrect into.

    Ultimately though, I guess it all depends on the story they wish to tell in these final episodes.

  57. Ok, here’s bunch of crazy bsg theory….

    The “older” Centurions that they found on Earth will be made in the future. Everytime they go through a loop the Centurion they find are slightly unfamiliar.

    At some point soon, a time travel phenomena will happen and the fleet will colonize Earth 3500 years in the past after failing to find an alternate planet. 1500 years after the establishment of that colony, it will be annihilated by its Cylon creations. Gauis rebuilds the cylons.

    The twelve lords of Kobol are a mix of human and cylon leaders, Apollo, Aphrodite (6), Baltar, Adama, Hera (Dee), Athena, – the technical geniuses who guide the humans to continue the cycle. The Cylon parts of this alliance of the Lord of kobol will fight against Gaius’ Cylons.

    There is doubt, especially for “3”, of what life is worth if its on a repetitive cycle so Kara Thrace was created by the Alliance cylons to break the cycle. The hybrid is ecstatic at the notion of death, then sees Kara thrace for what she is- the Harbringer of death…

    Ellen will not be there to colonize this new Earth, but will be born later thanks to her using the Cylon re-birthing machine on Tigh’s insistence. Tigh will know that he killed her once and will find a way to attach her to a rebirthing machine so that they can spend a life together – she knows about these prophecies, and clutches to faith before death.

    Gauis also worked on the Cylon rebirth and is, effectively, the cylon god. Somehow Gaius sends a message to the Cylons to recruit him in the future from the past, the image of “6” in his head is somehow a message in a bottle from all the repeating loops in time- an outside intervention of his intent to recreate the Cylons. The Cylons have effectively become bored with God, but a tthe same time leading him to his destiny everytime. Gaius will betray his people
    one more time, out of considering himself more powerful than the rest of the humans, and will join in the Cylon rebuilding that will lead to the destruction of the human race again and again…
    Gauis will program his cylons to be monotheistic, while the humans will remember the mix of alliance cylons and humans as lords- and make them Gods over time. Gauis is not the unwitting betrayer, he is the betrayer from beyond that ensures his own consistency in the future. His hatred is like a moebius.

    kk, the theory gets even more whacked.
    #3 and Tigh are on opposite sides of a Cylon conflict about the value of human life.

    Are Dee and Isis(baby hera?) the same person? Dee killed herself and left her ring for Hera self-consciously. In other words, Dee remembered her past life on the planet. Dee’s final sentiment was to overlook Hera’s (Isis) picture at a young age saying “she has no idea whats ahead of her” knowing that she will somehow be part of the new cycle of life. The locket has the pictures of people that she remembered having in the past Earth. She has her own memories of disaster but we weren’t let in on it, I’m guessing she is also humming the Cylon radio tune, even though the background music was different. Since she believes, all of a sudden, that she is the Cylon somehow, she shoots herself.

    Earlier she held baby Hera (Isis) saying it was just another day for the little girl. Eventually Hera (Isis) will be given the jacks and the ball.

  58. so after watching S4e11 we know now that Earth was populated by cylons and we get Kara Thrace duplicate dead in her duplicate viper AND we get Soul Tigh remembering his wife as being a cylon too

    So now we got 13 models (not counting many others who died on earth but did not reach 12 colonies)? Or maybe all the battlestar crew are cylons who died previously on earth?

  59. My theory is that Ellen is really an older version of the Six model (Saul saw Six as Ellen and impregnated her, in the last episode Baltar saw Six as a bit different, kind of more like Ellen.) Saul hasn’t told anyone that he believes Ellen is the final Cylon, so they can’t tell him/us that it’s wrong. Perhaps Starbuck really is the final Cylon and they are trying to make us think differently.

    Personally, I’ve been hoping it was the president because I thought it would be awesome if the people were being ruled by a Cylon all along, plus the closeness between her and Adama. Although Adama might be a little more accepting after Saul, but still… to find out you love a Cylon would have to be tough.

  60. The 12 Cylon models should by now be well known.

    The 13th Cylon was Daniel (Saul & Ellen’s son) who was a musician and on rewatching the full series for the umpteenth time it finally dawned upon me that Daniel was in fact Starbucks father.

    If you make this connection, along with the implication that the one “god” made them all, and that the “angels” are also creations/servants of this one “god” then everything ties in.

    As a result the answers to numerous side questions reveal themselves, including how Starbuck came to paint the Mandala of the Eye of Jupiter as a child, why Lee Oban says “sometimes our positions are reversed etc. etc.” when he’s interrogated, and why Starbucks mother tells her she’s special etc. along with how she becomes an angel herself in the last season.

    It all just meshes so well now.

    Caprica hasn’t been shown in Australia as yet, but one can only hope. I also hope we will see a follow on from BSG as well. Cheers.

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