Heroes Season 1 Finale: I Thought Peter Could Fly… (Spoilers)

Hopefully the fact that Peter Petrelli can learn the powers of other heroes is sufficiently old that I won’t get in trouble with the RSS Spoiler police. I’m still smarting from the flames about my Battlestar Galactica post about Starbuck…

Heroes finished off Season 1 this week with the big finale. “How to Stop an Exploding Man”

The question I had on my mind at the end was,

“Why does Nathan Petrelli have to fly Peter up to the sky so he can safely explode? Peter can fly also – he got the ability from Nathan.”

Well, I found this snippet on SyFy portal where the series creator comments on the issue:

“You know, theoretically, you’re not supposed to be thinking about that,” series creator Tim Kring told TV Guide’s Matt Webb Mitovich and Michael Logan. However, Kring did prove correct many theories following Monday’s airing that Peter was so distracted by the fact he was about to explode that he didn’t have the energy or the attention span to use an of his other abilities.

Of course, that’s trying to find a way to explain an action from a story standpoint. But from an entertainment factor, Kring admitted that he was much more interested in having Nathan — who had become somewhat of a bad guy on the show in recent weeks — to save the day.

“Yes, I will admit that there’s a very tiny window of logic there, but what can I say?” Kring said. “It requires the proverbial suspension of disbelief.”

Well, it’s nice to see I’m not the only one who got caught in that “tiny window of logic.” Otherwise, that was really my only problem with the finale of Season 1.

Well, that and the cheesiness of Sylar apparently “not really dying”. Lame. Sylar & Peter are both too powerful, frankly, to hang around too long. A lot of comics have the concept of borrowing powers temporarily, but when you get to keep them forever, you eventually just become a god. Being invincible quickly becomes boring.

9 thoughts on “Heroes Season 1 Finale: I Thought Peter Could Fly… (Spoilers)

  1. I was also wondering why Claire’s dad didn’t just shoot Peter, although that might have risked an inadvertent, premature explosion. Also, ask yourself this: Is Peter still alive??? Could he be? In “Five Years Gone” Peter confesses that he caused the explosion — yet he is still alive, clearly having survived the blast.

    With regard to Sylar, three thoughts:
    1. Like the villain in “The Incredibles,” Sylar was caught “speechifying.”
    2. If he has enough reaction time to stop bullets AFTER he hears them fire and turns to face them, wouldn’t he have enough time to react to one Hiro charging at him with a samurai sword?
    3. Don’t these Heroes watch any TV? You gotta decapitate the guy, dismember him, burn the parts and then scatter them across the planet.

    I love this show and am looking forward to next season. 🙂

    • On the same subject, when Claire had the gun aiming at peter, why didn’t she just shoot him? why ask if there’s another way? Peter could of healed himself with the power he obtained from Claire, he’s done it before. Peter lives and the explosion never has to happen. Just doesn’t make sense. Someone please explain.

  2. See, I didn’t even bat an eyelash at that. We already know that Peter has to concentrate to use his powers. And he was using every bit of self control he had to avoid the big bada boom. Just because you can juggle, it doesn’t mean you can juggle while trying to disarm a bomb.

    I think this is another show that I’m going to have to get a few copies of the DVD, so I can pass it around to all my non-TV-watching friends to get them addicted.

  3. [blockquote]I’m still smarting from the flames about my Battlestar Galactica post about Starbuck…[/blockquote]

    As well you should be. It’s one thing to post it. Quite another to put it IN THE SUBJECT LINE THAT YOU EMAILED OUT TO YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY.

    Sorry, but I had to whack you on your proverbial pee-pee for that. Otherwise, great find on the Tim Kring quotables.

    They’ve suspended Sylar’s survival too many times to count. Remember back a few episodes when Suresh clocked Sylar with a map-stand, had a beautiful, loaded 1911 in his hand, and couldn’t even bring himself to just put one in Sylar’s dome? Then, in the VERY NEXT SCENE, he’s talking about how “Sylar needs to be stopped!”. What a punk…

  4. Hmmm, that one didn’t bother me. What did bother me was that Claire was alive in the future where Sylar had supposedly taken her powers and thus survived Hiro’s attack in the past (the reason he goes back in time to tell Peter to save her).

  5. I thought the same thing… I was like, hey, why not fly yourself up there! My thoughts are, that Nathan probably flew him really high and then dropped him or something; so they will both be back next season. They have to be!

  6. Leonard makes a great point. I didn’t even think about Claire being alive in the future! How could Sylar have survived without taking Claire’s power?

    Other ponders:
    1) Hmmm… I wonder who is the other person is who “looks back” at Molly when she think of him? Could it be Nathan and Peter’s Father?
    2) I wonder if they will reveal Mohinder’s power in Season 2. He’s gotta be able to do something! I only remember somebody saying, “is your name on that list?” and i don’t think he gave a straight answer.

    Yeah and there was so much build up for the final showdown… which started to get nailbiting when other heroes started to join in the fight… but overall the showdown was quite disappointing. And after all of that training, Hiro appears and takes a couple steps and impales sylar (who, like mentioned earlier, was able to react to gun shots a second earlier?)?

    The story is strong, but it’s these little holes that could’ve been fixed that distract the viewer and it’s too bad. I hope Season 2 will clean up those holes so we can enjoy the show without obvious questions.

  7. So why did Hiro need training from his dad? It’s not like he actually had to do any fighting. He just teleports in, freezes the world and sticks Sylar. Then should have chopped his head off and teleported outta there with it. Not tricky surely?

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