Did You Miss the Lunar Eclipse? Gorgeous Photos from Eric.

I was feeling really bad on Tuesday.

A gorgeous lunar eclipse took place that was visible from most of Asia-Pacific, and even stretched to full visibility over California.  But with peak viewing at just past 3:30am, I just couldn’t make it.  One of the liabilities of having two kids under 3 and a full-time gig at a start-up, I guess.  🙂

Fortunately, Eric did stay up, and since he is an incredible photographer, I’m feeling better about it.  Tell me that these aren’t gorgeous shots:

Eric’s full post on how he took them is here.  His web gallery, where you can buy his more famous prints, is here.  Full data from NASA on the eclipse is here.

6 Terabytes (TB) of Storage in a Mac Pro. Jealous Much?

Not sure what to say here but wow.

My friend Eric has done it again.  You may remember my last post here about his efforts to get a 320GB Raid 0 array into a MacBook Pro.

Well, he recently ran out of storage on his Mac Pro, and upgraded it with six (6) 1 TB drives, for a total of 6 TB storage.  Check out this configuration:

Not only does he have 6 drives, but he has an optimized configuration, layering both RAID 1+0 over different partitions to create the optimum mix for system boot, scratch, and photo storage:

A2: 20GB partition x 6 = 120GB RAID 0 (striped) fast partition for PS3/Final Cut scratch
B2: 65GB partition x 6 = 195GB RAID 1+0 (striped over mirrored) boot partition
C2: 850GB partition x 6 = 2.5TB RAID 1+0 (striped over mirrored) data partition

For the full article, with benchmarks, click here. If you want to buy some prints of his more famous photos, go to his new web gallery.

Office 2.0 Conference & Social Computing Panel

For those of you in the city, I’ll be on a panel at the Office 2.0 conference at 1:30pm on Thursday, September 6th. The panel is on social computing, and will feature the following people:

Shiv has a post up already about the panel. I haven’t met any of the panelists before this conference, but I’m looking forward to it. You can find out more about the conference here, and more about the panel here (as it is posted). The full schedule is here.

Wow! Thomas Jefferson’s First Spouse Coin Takes Down the US Mint

9:18 am (PST): I’ve been trying for fifteen minutes to get into the US Mint website to order the Thomas Jefferson First Spouse gold coin.  Very very slow.  Most pages are not loading – I’m getting about 1 out of 10 browser windows actually serving a page.I tried calling the 800 number, but AT&T is giving me an error that says the call cannot go through.

I think that the demand today is crazy.I did actually get the first spouse coin page once… but it said it won’t be available until 12pm Aug 30th ET… of course, that was 15 minutes ago.  When I try to sign-in to the site, I get a page cannot load error.

I think the lightweight, low-end web infrastructure for the US Mint just gave up the ghost on this one.

 9:23 am PST: I’ve just managed to login… now trying to get back to the TJ first spouse page. Very slow, lots of page failures. But it feels like it’s getting better.

9:25 am PST: I’ve just managed to click “add to cart”. Let’s see if this goes through. My guess is that they started the rollout of the updated site configuration for the ordering at 12pm EST, but it took longer than expected to deploy. I don’t think the US Mint is set up for this type of “wire on” situation.

9:26am PST: I have two browser windows hitting the site now, which is helping. I’ve just clicked checkout. Since I have quick checkout configured, I’m hoping I’m close to home free.

9:29 pm PST: DRAT! The connection timed out. Lost my checkout. Trying to recover. I thought I was home free. Quick Checkout is failing… will try normal checkout.

9:31 am PST: Quick Checkout works again! I’m clicking “place order”… let’s hope this goes through. This is unbelievable.

9:33 am PST: Are you kidding me? The page is still loading. The place order has not completed. Do I stop? Do I try again? This is a surprising amount of suspense for a coin order…

9:34 am PST: The order went through. The coin is showing as backordered, but I have an order number. Crazy. I guess you have to be persistent these days to bag a first spouse coin.

Now, I have real work to do…

Now Available: Thomas Jefferson Presidential Dollar Coin Rolls

I’ve recently received two full boxes of the new Thomas Jefferson Presidential Dollar Coins. As usual, I’ve put them up for sale on eBay. These coins are actually dated June 20th, which is one of the earliest dates I have seen.

Interestingly, the boxes for the Thomas Jefferson bank roll boxes are white instead of brown. Otherwise, to my eye, they are identical to the earlier George Washington and John Adams rolls.

You can find the listing for the Thomas Jefferson rolls here on eBay.

I still have some John Adams & George Washington rolls remaining. I’ll be putting up a specific listing in case you might be interested in buying all three together.