Are You Ready for James Madison? (Presidential $1 Dollar Coin Program)

That’s right, coin fans.  The 4th coin in the Presidential $1 Dollar Coin series will soon be available, and in banks on November 15th.  The US Mint has a blurb up now, and will have bags and coins of collector versions ready for sale at the US Mint website.

Of course, these coins are already available in proof and uncirculated versions in the annual coin sets.  I have several of the 14-coin Silver Proof sets for 2007, and the lens with the 4 Presidential $1 Dollar Coins from 2007 is really gorgeous.

As usual, I will have rolls for sale on eBay.  I actually still have rolls available for George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson.  I even have a couple 2007 Silver Proof Sets for sale.

The Writers’ Strike: Why We Fight

Since I got some attention with my last post, here is the YouTube video put out to explain why the Writers Guild of America is striking.

The argument in the video is largely predicated on what other artists get (authors, song writers), as well as the idea that there was an agreement to raise residual rates eventually in the 1980s agreement.  Mostly, it plays to the issue of “what is fair” by making the amounts sought by the writers as really trivial (always good to show little bars vs. big bars in these type of diagrams).

It’s really well done.