Happy 400th Post!

I didn’t even notice last week that my post on Activision & Blizzard Entertainment was my 400th post. What started as a 30-day resolution to start blogging again in August 2006 has turned into quite a collection of topics & content.

Some of the basic stats to date:

Blog Stats

  • Total Views: 227,463
  • Best Day Ever: 4,536


  • Posts: 400
  • Comments: 1,139
  • Categories: 35
  • Tags: 17

I think the weirdest thing about my 400 posts is the strange collection of search terms that now lead people to my posts. Check these 20 out from the last 2 days:


Search Views
south park 10
high dividend mutual funds 3
boston accent 3
craigslist depreciating asset 3
pretty colors 2
marissa mayer 2
south park wii episode 2
electoral college chart 2
wii damage 2


Search Views
south park 51
High dividend mutual funds 10
hot movies of 2007 6
wii damage 6
South Park 4
ntfs mac 4
hottest movies of 2007 3
battlestar galactica theories 3
battlestar galactica final five 3
us state map 3

Overall, I seem to hover now between 500-700 hits per day, with about 100+ people subscribed through RSS, 20+ through email. Not bad for a personal blog with a mixture of topics ranging from game theory to Battlestar Galactica to coin collecting…