Public Humiliation on ValleyWag

It was bound to happen sometime…

Valleywag: LinkedIn Done Briefing Reports, Announces Developer Platform 

I think it’s somewhat of an honor to be picked on by ValleyWag.

I will admit, I shouldn’t have been sitting hunched over for that shot… we did it last minute.

Oh well.  The price of YouTube fame, I guess.

10 thoughts on “Public Humiliation on ValleyWag

  1. It’s okay Adam, it’s a sign of doing something that matters. As usual you were articulate and genuine. Even the commenters pointed that out. 🙂

  2. Hey Adam, I echo Melinda’s comments. Like you did in the Google/OpenSocial campfire video, you did us proud. VW writers/commenters are just haters. They don’t have the muscle to fill in half that shirt. I do recommend hands above the table and a more upright sitting posture.

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  4. Oh man, oh man. It’s just not true.

    I have a full goatee (to be specific, a Vandyck). Beard. Whatever.

    The problem is, the patches on the bottom are greying, and on the grainy video they don’t show up.

    *sigh*. Like I would ever do a handlebar mustache… 🙂

    – Adam

  5. I’m not quite at my Atkin’s low at the moment, but I actually managed to lose 20 lbs at LinkedIn, despite the free food 5 days a week 🙂 I’ve even been running now that I have the Nike + iPod setup going.

    I definitely miss the eBay gym, but with much fanfare we are opening the first LinkedGym (yes, that’s the name) in our building this week. So hopefully I’ll do even better in 2008.


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