Hot Movies for 2008

Some light hearted content for this New Year’s week.

I continue to find it hard to get great readouts of the big movies planned for this year, but I found some of them online here. As a result, here is a reprise of my post from last year, with the movies I’m looking forward to in 2008:

  • Cloverfield. 1/18. OK, I missed this one. Monster movie. New York. 1st person account by the guy who brought us LOST. Will see it for sure.
  • Rambo. 1/25. Yeah, not sure I can buy the 60-year-old green beret, but I’m willing to give it a shot given the fact that Rocky Balboa didn’t suck.
  • Horton Hears a Who. 3/14. Are you kidding me? I’m just glad they’ve stopped trying to make dreadful live-action versions of Dr. Seuss, and are back to the serious business of remaking these great, wacky stories. I hope they do them all.
  • Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay. 2/8. My “crappy sequel” spider sense is tingling here, but given the greatness of the original, I will give this a shot.
  • Iron Man. 5/2. Likelihood of success here is low, but I’m afraid I’m still going to see comic book movies. This is definitely B or C list for me though.
  • The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. 5/16. Yes. Yes. Yes. I still wish they would do extended versions of these for actual readers of the books.
  • Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. 5/22. Wow. Maybe Indiana & Rambo should get together and hash out their Medicare Plan D options. Yes, I will see it. 😛
  • The Incredible Hulk. 6/13. I paid a heavy credibility price for arguing, pre-release, that the original “The Hulk” was going to be good. Hope springs eternal that the movie will match the special effects.
  • Wall*e. 6/27. I’ve liked every Pixar movie to date. But something worries me about this one. The fact that it’s one of the original ideas, but that it has taken this long seems like a bad omen.
  • Hellboy II. 7/11. I found the first one entertaining enough to watch, but wasn’t thrilled by it. I’m actually surprised this generated a sequel. As long as there is no Elektra 2, I’m cool with it.
  • The Dark Knight. TBD. Should be awesome. Please be awesome. This 2008 list is starting to bum me out.
  • Where The Wild Things Are. TBD. I’m surprised this is becoming a movie… one of Jacob’s favorites. Will this work?
  • Bond 22. 11/7. Looks promising, and Casino Royale was good. Let’s hope for the best.
  • Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. 11/21. This is looking like the peak moment for me, movie wise, in 2008. Penultimate movie. Lots of danger that the movie won’t adapt to a 2.5 hour movie. I wish they’d take the Lord of the Rings approach with this one also…
  • Star Trek XI. 12/25. This is pretty risky – a Star Trek reboot movie. New actors for the old characters. Bonus points for casting Sylar in a key role. You are talking to someone who stuck with Star Trek through all four seasons of Enterprise.

Hmmm… 2008 is looking a little tired already…

3 thoughts on “Hot Movies for 2008

  1. I didn’t give the Dark Knight a TBD – the date for it hasn’t been announced yet. 🙂

    Best movies right now look like Dark Knight, Harry Potter & Bond 22. If I had to pick 3.

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