Question to Other Bloggers

I love  I love this template.  3 columns, one on the left, one on the right.

There is only one problem that is annoying me to now end:  this template does not display the sub-title of this blog.

It should be:

The personal blog of Adam Nash

Does anyone know either:

  1. How to modify the template to display the sub-title?
  2. Another 3-column template on that has this layout that does display the sub-title?

If you do, please let me know.


Wow. Goodbye Spoons, Hello Hooters!

Sorry, but this was too good not to post.

Across the street from eBay’s “South Park” (the original 8 buildings that have eBay HQ in San Jose) there is a Spoons restaurant.  It’s right across Bascom avenue from Building 0, “Toys”.  Many an eBay employee has jaywalked across Bascom (very dangerous) to get to an after-hours Spoons run.

Well, thanks to Nate Etter, I found this pointer on Valleywag.  The Spoons is being replaced by Hooters.

Now the question is, will they still honor the 10% discount they gave to eBay employees with a badge?  Lunch special?  Spoon tacos were one of the cultural favorites at the eBay South campus.

Adam Nash, Timber Investor

One of the earliest investment posts I wrote on this blog was about why I love timber as an asset class.

I bring it up because this article appeared today in the Nuwire Investor, “Top 5 Recession Investments: How investors can protect themselves in the event of a recession.”  In it, you’ll find the following paragraph about timber as an investment:

Timber is a solid commodity with steady demand that does well during stock market declines because it is not correlated to the market. Its returns reliably outperform the market, and its value increases over time, even without investor input.

Adam Nash, a timber investor, said owning and harvesting timberland is essentially a classic fixed-income investment. The land acts like principal, he said, and the timber acts like a perpetual dividend.

Yup, that’s me.  Adam Nash, timber investor.

So, the backstory here is interesting, and directly related to this blog.

Back in early 2007, I was contacted by one of the journalists working on Nuwire Investor, for it’s launch.  They had read my blog post on timber, and wanted to interview me.  Initially, I begged off, explaining that I wasn’t an investment professional, and I wasn’t sure I was qualified to be an “expert” on the topic.  Still, we ended up doing a 1 hour phone interview in March.

In May, this article on timber investing came out in Nuwire… but no mention or quote from me!  So, I forgot about the whole thing… until the article today showed up in my “adam nash” Google Alert.

Very exciting, and a little fun for the day.  I’m glad Nuwire contacted me.

So for today, you can call me Adam Nash, Timber Investor.