Wow. Goodbye Spoons, Hello Hooters!

Sorry, but this was too good not to post.

Across the street from eBay’s “South Park” (the original 8 buildings that have eBay HQ in San Jose) there is a Spoons restaurant.  It’s right across Bascom avenue from Building 0, “Toys”.  Many an eBay employee has jaywalked across Bascom (very dangerous) to get to an after-hours Spoons run.

Well, thanks to Nate Etter, I found this pointer on Valleywag.  The Spoons is being replaced by Hooters.

Now the question is, will they still honor the 10% discount they gave to eBay employees with a badge?  Lunch special?  Spoon tacos were one of the cultural favorites at the eBay South campus.

3 thoughts on “Wow. Goodbye Spoons, Hello Hooters!

  1. The real question, Adam, is whether any brave (foolish) male souls will be spotted alive in the Hooters during business hours. As you know, we used to have happy hours and farewells there. Managers just went through harassment compliance training. Not quite sure it’ll be perceived by all as suitable for company events. ;P

  2. While in theory, it should be just fine to go there, in practice, I agree the optics on it are bad.

    But what if they had a 15% employee discount? 🙂

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