Milestone: eBay Feedback Score @ 800

Almost a small enough item to just Twitter.

Hit 800 feedback on eBay today.  Of course, I’ve accrued more than 800 positive feedback over the years, but the score only reflects positive feedback from unique users.

Most of my feedback is from selling, not buying, although I’ve done a fair bit of that too.  703 feedback items as a seller, 166 as a buyer, last count.

I was selling much more earlier last year, as I ramped up the sale of the new US Presidential dollar coins.  However, lately, I’ve been too busy to sell much more than my typical odds and ends, so the ascent to 1000 has been delayed.

I remember joining eBay in 2003 with a feedback rating of just 43, all selling.  As a product manager, I believe heavily in using and living your product as much as possible, which is why I scaled my eBay selling over the years, experimenting with different models that I learned from the eBay community and from old-hands within eBay.

Originally, my goal was that purple star at 500 – a rare commodity to be sure.  But once you hit 500, is 1000 really that far a way?

Here is what my eBay feedback page looks like now:

My first positive feedback on eBay is from December 15, 1998, and it’s from Mr. Eric Cheng.  This is back when you could receive feedback from anyone, not just people you had sold to.

“I’ve bought from Adam before — he’s honest, and everything went smoothly.” –echeng

The more things change, the more things stay the same.

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  1. Congratulations! Now we just need each of your blog readers to buy one thing from you, and you’ll get that red star in no time! What have ya got in the media department (that isn’t Sleeper Cell)? 🙂

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