Do You Hate My New Blog Header?

I was getting a lot of abuse at work today over the new image header for this blog.

Obviously, it’s just a quick Photoshop job over the Leopard background from Mac OS X 10.5.  But people seem to be completely against it.  Elliot has gone so far as to say he refuses to read my blog from the site anymore – just the My Yahoo reader – just to avoid the new header.

Thoughts?  I can replace it with a plain vanilla color header.

6 thoughts on “Do You Hate My New Blog Header?

  1. I think letting Elliot influence your thinking that much is quite dangerous. There’s nothing wrong with being an Apple fan.

  2. I’d say it’s bad in a cheesy sort of way. Will keep reading, though, regardless of what you throw up there 🙂

    This might be the first comment I’ve ever left. I’m a long time fan, actually.

  3. I have yet to experience data loss from your blog.

    Maybe you can find a map of the Galactic Empire for a backdrop, for some thematic continuity. Or steal the one from Time Bandits if that proves hard, and pretend. 🙂

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