Spore: September 7th, 2008

Maxis has announced the launch date of the latest Will Wright masterpiece, Spore.

September 7, 2008.  They even have a quicktime movie just to announce it.

My previous blog post on Spore & Will Wright is here.  I got to play with the creature builder for a few seconds at Macworld 2008 in San Francisco.  It’s hard for me to comprehend how all-encompassing this game is going to be, or how long it may take to play through, let alone master.  It seems an awful lot like SimLife + SimCity + Civilization + Spaceward Ho! to me.

Mark your calendars.  I think it’s fair to say that US GDP may be impacted in Q3/Q4 2008 due to this launch.  Combined with Starcraft 2, we may indeed have a recession this year just from lost productivity.

2 thoughts on “Spore: September 7th, 2008

  1. I personally have been waiting to buy a new computer until I see what Spore’s requirements are.


  2. Lets see if this is the “final” release date before we start celebrating… If it is, YAY! (I’m not holding my breath tho…)

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