2008 Economic Stimulus Tax Rebate Calculator

Found this post on Lifehacker today. It’s actually just a pointer to this calculator on Consumerism Commentator, which lets you enter your 1040 numbers from 2007 (if you’ve done them yet) and figure out how much you are (or aren’t getting).

Economic Stimulus Tax Rebate Calculator

Personally, I’m exceptionally disappointed with the “bi-partisan” stimulus plan that was negotiated by the White House & Congress.  There is a time and a place for fiscal stimulus, and a time and a place for social programs.  But mixing the two rarely leads to good policy.

The Wall Street Journal had an article today that estimated that roughly 50-70% of the rebate money would end up in consumption.  Previous blog posts have argued that the 2001 stimulus rebate, which was similar, was mostly ineffective.

Anyway, what’s done is done.