LinkedIn: The Long Tail of Professional Expertise

I don’t normally “cross the streams” on this blog by referencing posts on the LinkedIn company blog, but since I’m off to Boston tonight to speak at MIT tomorrow, I figured my posting here might be a little thin for the next few days.

Yesterday, I posted a piece on the LinkedIn blog called, “The Long Tail of Professional Expertise“.

Read it and let me know what you think.

One thought on “LinkedIn: The Long Tail of Professional Expertise

  1. Clever argument. The Internet provides the means to have disparate groups of people working together, but the means to discover the members of that group aren’t well covered.

    Most businesses are still limited by the ‘what people who live around here can do this business’, or they put quite a bit of money into a national talent search, of dubious quality.

    In one way you’re cutting out the middleman on talent searches, in another you’re enabling small businesses to do them.

    Total protonic reversal. That would be good.

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