Get LinkedIn on Your iPhone, Now!

It’s live, it’s live!  After weeks in beta, it’s LIVE!

This is just the first release, but already you can:

  • Search LinkedIn from your iPhone
  • View all your contacts and their full profiles, from your iPhone
  • Invite new people you meet, from your iPhone
  • Browse your network updates, from your iPhone

What are you waiting for?  You should immediately:

  1. Use your iPhone to go to:
  2. Hit the (+) button in the middle bottom control bar on your iPhone Safari.  This adds LinkedIn to be one your your default web clippings on your iPhone desktop.  An absolutely gorgeous “IN” logo will grace your iPhone.

For those of you who don’t have an iPhone, this is actually the same URL that serves, our general mobile application URL.  Of course, if you don’t have an iPhone yet, you might want to just add that step above (1) above.

I installed the beta of this application on my wife’s iPhone, and I play with it incessently when we’re on the road.  It’s completely addictive.

Brought to you, with love, from a major web company that develops it’s site exclusively on Mac OS X.

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