Wow. American Idol Season 7 Suprise.

Quick post, but wow. Carly Smithson voted off.  Thought it was going to be Brooke for sure.

American Idol is a game of figuring out where the votes are coming from, and figuring out where votes from the last eliminated singer will go. Multi-party politics, except that individuals can have multiple votes, and most people DON’T vote.  So each round, you largely get either vote transference or abstention.

Still standing my original picks for the final three:

  • Syesha Mercado
  • David Archuleta
  • David Cook

Jason Castro & Brooke White pretty much have to be the next two off, but it could be complicated now.  Unclear where the “Carly” votes will now go.  David Cook?  Syesha?  Brooke?

I definitely thought Carly would outlast the other two.

See, American Idol is still fun… even if it is long in the tooth.  Feels like “the last season” for some reason.