Happy Cinco de LinkedIn!

Today was a bit of a party at work, as LinkedIn hit a couple of milestones.  This weekend, we passed 22 million members.  More importantly, today was the 5th anniversary of the LinkedIn.com website.

Yes, Cinco de Mayo was Cinco de LinkedIn this year.  Sure makes it easy to remember the anniversary!

Chris Saccheri, our Director of Web Development, posted a fantastic look back at the last five years.  I highly recommend checking it out.

My favorite part is the 5-screen walkthrough of the history of the homepage of LinkedIn.  As you may know, our team launched a homepage & site redesign a few months ago, and it’s neat to see it in the context of what came before.

LinkedIn Home, 2003LinkedIn Home, 2004LinkedIn Home, 2005LinkedIn Home, 2006LinkedIn Home, 2007

(here is a link to the LinkedIn homepage today)

Happy Cinco de LinkedIn!