Who is the LinkedIn Gorilla?

The new LinkedIn Company Store is now online, with all new photos and products.

LinkedIn Company Store

I am a sucker for LinkedIn s.w.a.g. (Silicon Valley-speak for “Stuff We All Get”, typically company logo merchandise). So I love the store.

One of the cool features of the store is that all of the people in it are actual LinkedIn employees… in fact, many of the homepage stars (Kate, Chris, Steve) are actually on my team.

Buried in the FAQ, however, there is this gem of a photo. The LinkedIn Gorilla, modeling the new light blue LinkedIn T-Shirt:

LinkedIn Gorilla

With the last launch, I posted the picture of me at the Company Store. Digging through this version, however, you might be wondering where I am.

The answer can be found on Youtube…

The things I do to help support LinkedIn. Apparently everyone liked the Halloween costume so much that it deserved an encore performance.

Special thanks to Mario Sundar, chief blogger-in-residence and giggling voice in the background, for capturing this photo shoot on video.

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