I May Have Stepped into a Parallel Universe around 2000

I’ve had the growing realization over the past few years that something may be amiss with the universe.  As a fan of the various modern theories of quantum cosmology, it’s occurred to me that I may have accidentally ended up jumping out of the theoretical universe of maximum probability into another quantum variant.

I think the news that Apple sold 1 million iPhones in 3 days and is now the Number 3 PC Maker in the United States confirmed this for me.  As an Apple user since the early 1980s and a former employee, it’s just too hard to believe that the universe of maximum probability includes Apple’s exponential success in the past five years.

Honestly, doesn’t it seem like the most likely future for the computer industry in the 1990s was Bill Gates launching a mobile computer with sales of 1 million units in 3 days, and Steve Jobs taking a full time role in philanthropy?

Think about it.  I’m guessing the date of cross over was sometime in 2000, right around the time where Apple launched an MP3 player that cost around 300% more than the average player, and yet achieved over 70% market share in just 2 years.

The question is… what other improbable events exist in this variant of the universe?

3 thoughts on “I May Have Stepped into a Parallel Universe around 2000

  1. This is a weird coincidence. The other day, I was thinking about that show on Fox from years back called “Sliders.” It was the same Earth, but Jerry O’Connell could “slide” into different dimensions: where the Russians won the cold war, where antibiotics were never invented, where O’Connell would even have a chance with Rebecca Romijn (Stamos).

    2000 was a significant year in many ways. I interned at Apple that summer, and they just released the Cube. It seemed as if Apple chose style over functionality. The iPod could have had the same outcome. Instead of revolutionizing the MP3, music and eventually video industry, it could have disappeared into obscurity.

    Lest we forget that 2000 was the year of the presidential election. What if the Florida Recount were actually allowed to happen the way it should have, and Gore turned out to get more votes. 9/11, Katrina and the sinking economy were (unfortunately) destine to happen, but how would have President Gore reacted to them. Because of all the bad major events, the Republicans could have made the argument Gore isn’t an effective leader, and McCain could have stepped in and won the 2004 election. This year’s election could have possibly just been McCain’s attempt at a second term and that would be it. No Hilary and no Obama. But if we play the destiny card, maybe Obama would have happened in 2012 instead (a la Terminator 3’s theory that “you didn’t stop Judgement Day, you just postponed it. Judgement Day is inevitable.” — and I’m not saying Obama is synonymous with the end of the world; it’s just a movie quote. That’s it.). I digress.

    Also, 2000 was the year of the Nash family Caribbean Cruise. That is where we unearthed the “Power of Adam.” What if we went on a different trip, or no trip at all. You were only engaged to Carolyn, which we all know isn’t a sure thing. We would have not discovered the Power of Adam, you wouldn’t have had the self-confidence to become a husband and father, you wouldn’t have married Carolyn, and Jacob would have never been born. Jacob is the direct result of that fist fight Daniel and I had in our room, where I conjured up the Power of Adam.

    Think about it.

  2. @Eric: Yes, but then the 50+ year old Judo master who weighed all of 130lbs. pinned me to the mat. Brute force only gets you so far.

    @Jonathan: What are the odds that I would have a son (Jacob) with blond hair & blue eyes? I’m telling you, I’ve somehow shifted to a lower probability universe.

    Power of Adam.

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