No iPhone For You!

Wow.  So I guess I made a rather serious tactical error.

You see, I refused to wait in line for three hours last weekend for an iPhone 3G.  I figured, I’d let the dust settle for a week or two, then replace my RIMM Blackberry Pearl (and yes, I am so very eager to never own a Blackberry again I can’t tell you.)

Problem.  As of Saturday, there are no more iPhones in California.

In fact, going State by State, it seems like there are no more iPhones in the US.  Some news outlets are reporting that no new iPhone 3G stock will be available stateside for 2-4 more weeks.

Very very sad for me.  But I guess, the punishment for being too good for a three hour wait maybe a three week wait (or more).

Oh well.  This will give me the added time I need to write that virulent post on why I’m ready to say goodbye to the Blackberry forever.  Too much time.

If anyone finds a way to get a 16GB Black iPhone 3G in the Bay Area, let me know.  Thanks.