MythBusters Takes On The Interleaved Phonebooks

There are so many reasons to love the Dutch, and MythBusters has just provided another.

Many thanks to Rob Go for providing the link to this 4-minute clip, which shows that it is, in fact, impossible to pull apart two interleaved phone books, even with the use of automobiles…

5 thoughts on “MythBusters Takes On The Interleaved Phonebooks

  1. Actually, my interpretation was different.

    It looked like with sufficient force, the binding of the phone book itself ripped off – the non-interleaved part. Therefore, it actually was impossible to pull them apart, since the rest of the book would give way before the interleaving released.


  2. Adam, I believe Sandra was referring to the ‘other’ mythbusters and not the video you posted. Heres a link to the video where tanks were used to successfully separate the books showing its not impossible:

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