Apple Q3 Results: iPhone outsells Blackberry

Wow, that was fast.

Remember when it took more than 15 months for a new entrant to dominate a multi-billion dollar industry with a brand new product & platform?

MacDailyNews has a brief readout of some of the mobile stats from today’s earnings announcement from Apple.  Some highlights:

  • Apple is now the 3rd largest mobile device maker by revenue at $4.6B, second to Nokia & Samsung.  RIM is a distant $2.1B.
  • By units, Apple outsold RIM Blackberry in Q3 by a clear margin, 6.9m units to 6.1m units.
  • Apple has sold more than 10m iPhones to date, which was their 2008 goal.  Clearly ahead of target.

It’s a shocking outcome on multiple levels.  First, the Blackberry is firmly entrenched as the dominant mobile platform in business.  Second, the average unit price of the Blackberry is much, much lower than the iPhone, thanks to the low prices on the Pearl models.

So just a little over a year after launch, Apple is selling more units than RIM, and at much higher price points.

The march goes on, and faster than expected.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.