Applications are LIVE on LinkedIn

I am beyond happy to announce that the LinkedIn Application Platform is now LIVE on the site.  You can go to LinkedIn right now and experiment with almost a dozen new ways to build and share content with your colleagues and contacts.

As you can see from my profile, I’ve already added posts from this blog using the WordPress application (anything with the tag “LinkedIn”), selected books from Amazon, and a presentation I recently gave at the PDMA conference in Orlando using Slideshare.

The LinkedIn blog has all the details.  Also, as a bonus, there is a fairly nice launch video featuring Reid to announce the new platform.

For me, it’s especially gratifying to see these applications come to life.  It was just about this time last year that I gave an initial presentation with Elliot at Google on the concept of leveraging social applications for business and professional use.

My personal favorite is the Company Buzz application.  As a concept, this app began as an intern project this summer, and grew into a really compelling use of Twitter for business.  (At LinkedIn, we actually have an RSS feed of every Tweet with the keyword “LinkedIn” projected on a 50″ TV on the wall where the Product & Engineering teams sit.)

More to come… this launch is just the beginning.

2 thoughts on “Applications are LIVE on LinkedIn

  1. The “Reading List by Amazon” product has been out for a while. Like most the stuff by Linkedin it’s cool and I like it.

    I was expecting to see it suggest books with links. The revenue from that should be significant, it might even be worth replacing ads on the home page. At the very least it could be inputs for more targeted ads on the home page.

    You have books read/recommended, plus the books from a user links. The model would be fairly straight forward.

    Anyway. The buzz may be Facebook and Twitter, but I think Linkedin is definitely the most viable.

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