The Fifth Cylon as a Traffic Driver

I know I posted on this topic last week, but I thought I’d add an update after the big Battlestar Galactica debut this past Friday.  Interesting to see how frak parties everywhere translated into traffic.

So far, despite the debut on Friday, it looks like my traffic may have peaked yesterday, on Saturday.  5380 hits to the blog that day, with my most popular BSG posts taking the top 5 slots for article popularity.

Why?  Check out the top 10 referring searches from Google, Yahoo, etc:


Notice a pattern?  I’ve discovered that my blog post is the number one result in Google for the search “fifth cylon”.  At least, it is today.

2009 Ultra High Relief Double Eagle Gold Coin Available on Thursday, 1/22

The US Mint has announced that the 2009 Ultra High Relief Double Eagle Gold Coin will go on sale at 12:00pm EST on Thursday, 1/22.

It’s unclear what demand for this coin will look like, given its price.  (Likely $1200).  This announcement reflects the new US Mint pricing strategy for precious metals – basically a premium over market price, in buckets.  Still, gold coins continue to exhibit considerable demand, and this is an extremely flattering classicly-designed piece.

You can read more about the coin here on my blog, or here on the US Mint website.

Update (1/20/2009): Found this product page today on US Mint website.  Price is $1189.00, and delivery might take 6-9 months!  Limit one per household.   Talk about delayed gratification.