Forget the iPhone Nano, I want a MegaPhone.

Caught this news today – rumors of Apple ordering a large number of ten-inch touchscreens from the same provider of iPhone screens:

Apple Orders Touch Screens for Q3

I hope its true.  I’ve realized that my iPhone has really become my preferred portable computing device.  I’ve gotten very used to the swipes, the pokes, the pinches.  I’ve grown to appreciate and need the fluid animation, the transparency, the flow of the interface.  I believe I now prefer the iPhone interface to Mac OS X, and that’s saying a lot.

My iPhone is about Twitter (Tweetie is my client of choice), LinkedIn, Mail (Exchange integration gets me work email so much better than Outlook Web Access), and of course, the web.  The endless supply of applications doesn’t hurt either.

I realized a few months ago that, while I still have a large Mac Pro tower at home for heavy lifting, more often than not when I’m hope I just want a bigger iPhone.  On the go, I’m happy to have something that fits in my pocket.  At home, I’d like to have something bigger when I’m sitting at the table, on the couch, etc.  My wife has a MacBook today, and I tend to use it around the house for a lightweight machine.  But more and more, I find myself preferring my iPhone to the MacBook.  I just wish it was bigger.

All the rumors last year were about the “iPhone Nano”.  The analogy was simple, even if misnamed.  Apple initially launched the iPod with a larger device and a hard drive.  But they hit scale with a cheaper iPod Mini, and then, of course, the iPod Nano, which hit $99 and unprecedented unit sales.

Well, I don’t want an iPhone Nano.  I want a big iPhone, 4x the size, same operating system, applications, etc.  Just bigger.  Maybe boost the storage too, so I can fit larger resolution video on it as well.  I want a MegaPhone.

In fact, calling it a phone is a misnomer.  While I wouldn’t mind the ability to make a call from the device, I think what I’m really saying is I want a jumbo-sized iPod Touch.  The MegaPod Touch?

8 thoughts on “Forget the iPhone Nano, I want a MegaPhone.

  1. Yes! I don’t own an iPhone, and probably won’t — but if Apple put this out (aka “a tablet that works”), I’d but it in a hot minute. I’m not sure I want 4x size — maybe 2.5x?

    Oh, and a pullout keyboard. Because, c’mon.

  2. I recently bought a K2 – I’m also an iPhone owner. For the first few days I caught myself swiping the screen on the K2 and forgetting that it doesn’t work that way.

    Apple has shown me a better way of interacting with hand-held devices – even with the redesigned profile, the K2 just feels clunky compared to my iPhone.


    1) Apple launchs a tablet (likely)
    2) Apple introduces books into the iTunes store (maybe?)
    3) Apple or a 3rd party builds an eBook app for the tablet (certainly)
    4) I can attached my ATT data plan to my Tablet free (or near free) or charge (likely, but not free)

    I would eBay my K2 immediately and go buy the Apple tablet.

  3. I’m an iphone addict myself and have been finding lately that I go to my computer less and less and actually prefer to do things on my iphone. What I’m thinking is that what if I had tools available to me for home or work that would make the iphone more usable? More than an external keyboard and mouse, but building on those concepts.

  4. Yes, I want a bigger iPod Touch, too!

    I have an iPod Touch now (I got terrible coverage in the past with AT&T, so I am no fan of theirs). I especially love the Kindle app on it. Since my Wi-Fi access really happens only at home (work guest network is too painful), I still surf via my laptop and not with the iPod Touch. But with a bigger screen, I probably would.

    I have a Kindle 1. I love the Kindle app for iPhone/Touch so much that I would probably ditch it if the bigger Touch came out.

    Perhaps MegaPhone _is_ a misnomer, but I do like the name, Adam!

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