Solution: Denon A/V Receiver AVR 1410/790 With No Sound

As per my normal practice, when I spend more than 20 minutes on a technical problem, and I find the solution difficult to find on Google, I document it here.  I figure that at least I can save some time for “the next sucker” who runs into the issue.

Tonight, I came home to find my wife complaining that she could not get sound from the Living Room TV.  I was able to quickly ascertain that the issue was the Denon AVR-1410 – our A/V Receiver.


  • No ability to select normal audio surround options – only stereo ones show up in the selector
  • No sound on any A/V input, whether HDMI or analog
  • When you go to configuration menus, the option to configure the audio is missing
  • A periodic clicking noise
  • The display periodically of “H/P Input On” on the receiver face

That last one was the real key to the puzzle.

After browsing countless pages, I found this one:

Fixya: H/P Input On


  • H/P stands for “Headphones”
  • Some dust has likely gotten into the Headphone jack, creating a false auto-detection that you have headphones plugged in
  • The switching noise is the short/detection firing on/off
  • To fix it, you just blow hard in the headphone jack to clear the dust (or you can plug in headphones and remove them)

So, after messing with wires, configurations, and every button on the remote, a simple puff of air did the trick.

Hope this helps someone out there.  I thought my A/V Receiver was possessed for a little while.