Solution: Denon A/V Receiver AVR 1410/790 With No Sound

As per my normal practice, when I spend more than 20 minutes on a technical problem, and I find the solution difficult to find on Google, I document it here.  I figure that at least I can save some time for “the next sucker” who runs into the issue.

Tonight, I came home to find my wife complaining that she could not get sound from the Living Room TV.  I was able to quickly ascertain that the issue was the Denon AVR-1410 – our A/V Receiver.


  • No ability to select normal audio surround options – only stereo ones show up in the selector
  • No sound on any A/V input, whether HDMI or analog
  • When you go to configuration menus, the option to configure the audio is missing
  • A periodic clicking noise
  • The display periodically of “H/P Input On” on the receiver face

That last one was the real key to the puzzle.

After browsing countless pages, I found this one:

Fixya: H/P Input On


  • H/P stands for “Headphones”
  • Some dust has likely gotten into the Headphone jack, creating a false auto-detection that you have headphones plugged in
  • The switching noise is the short/detection firing on/off
  • To fix it, you just blow hard in the headphone jack to clear the dust (or you can plug in headphones and remove them)

So, after messing with wires, configurations, and every button on the remote, a simple puff of air did the trick.

Hope this helps someone out there.  I thought my A/V Receiver was possessed for a little while.

234 thoughts on “Solution: Denon A/V Receiver AVR 1410/790 With No Sound

  1. Solution: Denon A/V Receiver AVR 1410/790 With No Sound:

    I’m so glad you took the time to post this! I was so frustrated I would have called tech support and happily paid $20 a minute for help.

    As soon as I blew into the jack, I heard the relay click and knew your solution fixed it!

  2. Thank you!!!! I spent 2 1/2 hrs on my Denon trying to troubleshoot with a full house of people eagerly waiting for a resolution. I even pulled out the manual! I decided to start looking on the internet and your post came up first. I laughed when I saw your recommendation, decided to give it a shot and *POOF* everything started working perfectly. AMAZING — Again, a SINCERE THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • This problem shouldn’t be us problem but Denon’s. This post still alive for 5 years because Denon used faulty jack which should be recalled. People spent hours, weeks to figured what happen and some latter blame themselves and dust in an apartment. I have of course the same recurring promlem. Denon- in my receiver which you made first failed video pass thru, now I used it just for sound and happen this. My home theater receiver is no more Denon. Thank you Adam for sharing solution !

  3. Adam,
    The others have said it all, but allow me to reiterate my amazement and laughter when I read your post. I knew immediately that you had found the solution to my problem. Thank you so much for taking the time to post it so that others would not undergo the frustration and expense of having to tear down their systems, send the Denon back to a tech, then reconnect everything when none of that is necessary. Many thanks to you!!!

  4. Wow, I spent time on the phone with DAKMART and DENON Repair Svc and then I read this forum. Found that just by blowing into the headphone jack brought my sound back. Thanks for the info. It saved me from purchasing a new receiver.

  5. Thank you so much for your post!! My husband was away and I was at a lost to fix the clicking and lack of sound. I checked the connections, etc. When I called him, he had no clue. I checked the Internet and voilà…..your solution!!! You saved us countless hours of frustration. Thanks again!

  6. Incredible….Over 3 days of trying to mess around with everything and resetting it multiple times, I just blew into the headphone jack and the sound instantly turned on…THANK YOU!!! You just save me a a lot more aggravation and probably a few hundred bucks in repair.

  7. like those above….AMAZING……thank you!!!!!!!!!you don’t know how much time I was spending on this….thought receiver was gone! One puff and the system worked.

  8. Thank you so much, I spent hours on this issue with no progress. I was ready to buy a new receiver. Found your post and happy I was after that.

    Thank you so muc!

  9. WOW I was just about to take this to a store for repair and I just blew in a little and it started to work! Thanks so much! It’s funny how such a huge problem turned out to be stupid dust.

  10. When you’re given a lemon, make lemonade. My cabinet has had a broken leg that desperately needed fixing and the cable management was a mess. When my Denon was not working and heard that clicking, my first thought was a short, and usually that means speaker wire. I pulled all the wires but no go. Thats when the Net and your post saved me. And since I had the cabinet pulled out, I fixed the leg and redid the wiring. Not too bad a way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

  11. You are a genious !!
    One blow into the headphone jack,and instant sound!

    I wish I could shake your hand and say thank you.

  12. Saved me!!! I’m in charge of electronics in our house because my husband doesn’t have the patients. I nearly lost mine with this one!! But worked like a charm. THANKS!!! I can remain the stereo queen in this house for now 🙂

  13. Big time thanks. I Googled the issue and your info came up (had no sound with any input). Read your solution and thought what the heck worth a try so blew into the headphone jack and Viola! Instant sound.

  14. Thank you for this!! I nearly pulled all my hair out trying to figure this out. All caused by some dust… Thanks bro!

  15. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I was CONVINCED that the receiver was bad! I just got out my trusty compressed air can and VOILA fixed!

  16. Adam,
    Solution worked perfect. Thanks for saving me a ton of time. I was getting ready to replace the fiber cables.

  17. Thanks so much for this. Just experienced the input signal jumping between sources and loss of volume to everything.


  18. I have not been happy with this receiver since I bought it 2 years ago. I have always had Onkyo or Yamaha AV receivers. The manual on this thing was designed by a sadistic person.

    Anyway, thank you for the headphone jack tip. I tried everything else possible. You are a genius my man.

  19. Thanks so much for posting this. Worked like a charm to solve my problem. I never would have thought about dust in the headphone jack.

  20. Again, thanks for taking the time to post your resolution. It worked like a charm for me as well. I’m surprised at what a common problem this is..sensitive headphone jack.

  21. Let me be one more person to thank you. I thought my system was fried and the tech guy thought so as well. He took the equipment to send it back to Dennon. I called him back to try your remedy. It worked perfectly. He was shaking his head saying it has never happened to him in his 30 years of installing equipment. Could not thank you enough.

  22. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you thank you….. I guess you get the point. My 790 sound was clicking in and out all day yesterday and I couldn’t figure out why. This morning there was no sound from any input. Your fix saved me at least $500 and an entire day of re-setting up my system for no reason. I can’t thank you enough.

  23. You are my life saviour! Its 1am and I have spent last 2 hours going thorugh the manual and trying different things. Now I can sleep peacefully.

  24. Bloody brilliant! Thanks so much for posting this solution. I was about to disconnect and take my Denon back to the dealer but a few puffs and all is fixed.

  25. thanks very much, adam! very appreciative of you spending a few minutes to save the rest of us a bunch of time! a puff of air, a little piece of tape over the headphone jack, and this now becomes a mildly amusing anecdote.

    i’m totally blaming my wife for missing a spot while dusting. 🙂

  26. You, are amazing. 🙂 A quick search for this odd problem that had me frustrated led me to your advice and what appears to be a solution! 🙂 I, too, thought my receiver was possessed! I even shut down several other items in case there was interference! Thank you so much!

  27. Dear God, Santa, Fairy godmother or whatever you want to be called Thank you for answering my prayers i had a tech guy come in from Future shop with the sad story my amp was burned i love when you get these Hi tech stores on a barrel this is when you find out what services are given post bying time i went to their store 2 times and phoned 3 times with nobody capable of telling me anything. The tech promised me he would talk to the manager get me a cost deal on a new amp ladaladalada can’t wait until he calls back they will have a price attached to this cure of yours maybe a 72 inch to replace my 52 inch lol. thanks again

  28. THANK YOU! we have a 590 with same problem. didn’t get the HP message that you did. After a few hours on teh part of my husband and later a friend of ours, and setting up an appointment with geek squad, we thought to Google and found this site. again I say THANK YOU. dumb problem. I love the feed back above where they say it turned into an ‘amusing anecdote’.

  29. I’ve had the problems pop up several times. I did the “plug the jack in pull it out method” multiple times. It still continued. Just now tried putting a alcohol dipped q-tip in the jack to clean. So far so good.

  30. Unbelievable! Thank you! Could not figure this one out and soon as I blew on it the problem was resolved!

  31. Thank you sooo much, I have spent hours on trying to fix this problem, I have read the manual from front to back and then back to front over and over. The stress was killing me and was causing so much stress in my home that my wife who looks on google for everything found your blog.
    OMG I was ready to leave this unit on the street but could not bear the the thought of someone else going through so much pain.
    A little bit of sticky tape is now the permanent fixture.
    Thank you for sharing your great wisdom.


  32. Truly a money saver. I thought I had blown the receiver!!! As a last resort, before placing an order for a new one, I googled my problem and found your post. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! So simple it is not to be believed but it worked!!!

  33. Second time this has happened, we took itin ths first time. I wonder if the company got paid yo fix it and just did the same thing. Blowing in the hole did noteworthy for me but once I put the headphone jack in and pulled it out it worked! yeah we won’t miss the finals on the big screen!

  34. I blew into my receiver, heard a click, and knew it worked after trying other things for an hour. Then I laughed for 5 minutes. THANK YOU.

  35. Spent way too much time trying to figure out why my Denon AVR 1508 wouldn’t emit a sound and the status was always “h/p only”, visited numerous tech solution websites, and was about to throw in the proverbial towel when I saw your post….thank you, worked like a charm!

  36. Yahoo! This really works! We went without sound for 2 days waiting for Geek Squad who was going to charge $180 just for the call! Blew into the jack and immediately we got sound and cancelled the service call. Thank You for posting this!

  37. Thank you! I’ve had this receiver (AVR-790) for 2 and a half years. It had this problem right out of the box, and resetting it would work for a little while. After about 3 months, I even took it to a Denon “repair center” 3 times! The 3rd time it came back to me and they had “fixed it”… Well, it happened again 2 years later (today) and I was getting ready to call Denon. However, all I had to do was blow in the headphone jack!


  38. This is amazing. I had the cable tech here for an hour yesterday and he could not fix anything. Told me it was the receiver (which is only 3 yrs. old) ready to pay The Qeek Squad a fortune to come out and diagnosis the problem. I read your post and knew exactly this was our problem. But I am still blown away that it was as simple as that. Amazing and thanks so much for posting this solution.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Thank you! I ended up having to use a Q-tip to wipe out the headphone jack port; blowing alone didn’t work. However, after wiping it out with the Q-tip, it worked perfectly again. Thanks so much!

  40. Thank you so much for this. Trying to figure out why I couldn’t get sound when the HDMI cables seemed to be working right almost cut the last cord of my sanity. One blow into the jack worked.

  41. Add me to the list of grateful people who appreciate your techno savy and kindness in sharing what you discovered. Kudos to you!

  42. It works. Thank you soo much. Was about to go buy a new receiver.
    I just stuck a piece of black tape so no dust will ever enter again.

  43. Nearly went postal on kids assuming they screwed something up. Jacked around with it for 3 hours before I found this post. Bazinga!!! It works!

  44. OMG thank you for putting this on line! My husband tried everything to fix his receiver and was getting frustrated (to put it nicely). I looked on line to see how to reset it for me and everything we found didn’t do anything to help then I found your posting. I jokeinly told him what you had tried and I will be damned if that was the solution! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  45. Thank you very much. I’m from Brazil and I thought how that I could’t fix it anymore until I found your solution.

  46. Wow! So glad I found this today! Receiver crapped out last night…lost all sound no matter what the input….came home from work today and blew out the HP jack and it works!!! Mucho gracias!!!!

  47. You are the Man, I did everything else, even talked to the dumb asses at Best Buy and they said to bring in the unit for service. You saved me dough

  48. All i can say is WOW, can’t believed this worked. Was ready to call a mental ward to see if a bed was available.

  49. You’re the man! This problem has been frustrating me since last night. Blowing into the headphone jack did not do the trick, but once I looked around and dug up a 1/4″ headphone jack, pushed it in, twisted it a few times, and pulled it out, I was back to normal!

  50. I wish I could say something that someone has not already said however Adam you seriously are the Man! Denon troubleshooted with me and concluded it was a blown DSP board. I was convinced it had to be something else so I kept looking and found your post. It was the H/P On issue just like everyone else!!!! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

  51. You sir are the MAN!! I read everyone’s comments and it’s hysterical how many people this has happened to. I literally tear eyed from laughter when this was the solution to hours of lost efforts pulling apart cables and buying new ones and it just happened to be a little bit of dust. I am sincerely in your gratitude, Thank you!!

  52. I had the issue, googled it, found your solution, went to the receiver while turning to my wife and said “I think I know what to do, but it’s complicated” did the trick and voila. I may not know much about cabling, electronics etc. but i know how to google :-). Thanks for sharing.

  53. Thank you Adam, I believe I owe you case of beer. After playing with buttons and checking connections I looked at the manuel and then finally Google, this popped up and it was instantly fixed, I feel like I owe you a case of beer for saving me the purchase of a new unit or taking mine in for repair..

  54. Thankyou thankyou thankyou. another case of beer in the credit bank! We were just about to go out shopping for a new amp. I was sceptical but thought we may as well give it a try. Worked right away.

  55. Um…wow. I, too, was about to go buy a new receiver, after taking the cover off and fiddling with everything in there. It was clicking on and off while I was reading this, so I got up and blew in the headphone jack, and the sound came on immediately. You just saved me a few hundred bucks, not to mention the happy wife points! Thanks so much.

  56. Denon 790 here. Just got home and wife and kids complaining that no sound coming from TV. Connected Dish network and Xbox via HDMI, picture was fine, no sound at all. My first thought was something wrong with the amps and I was starting to curse at Denon. Figured, do a search and this blog popped up.

    Blew into the headphone jack, and message pops up, headphones removed or something like that, and voila, sound back on. Never in a million years would I have ever of though of something like that. I was already on Amazon, looking for a new receiver, lol.

    Thank-you so much.

  57. OK, my Denon 1909 has been driving me crazy for weeks until I saw your post. Everything seemed to be working but I had no sound, my Speaker A/B button was useless, and my speakers didn’t register. There was occasional clicking. At one point I saw some “Input On” flash by but I didn’t get a good look. As soon as I saw your post I thought “‘H/P Input On,” that was it!” A little compressed air into the headphone jack and I’m good to go. THANK YOU!!

  58. Happy mommy = happy kids. Thanks for the quick money saving information. I was ready to throw the damn thing out.

  59. Many thanks for this posting. I spent about 30 mins on the Denon website and could not find the answer. One google search led me to your site and the right solution. Thanks again.

  60. Worked for me too, thank you! Still keeps coming back though, about every 20 mins – very annoying. Keep poking it with a wet qtip but that doesn’t solve it. Didn’t think my living room was particularly dirty and dusty…any suggestions for solutions?

  61. This post is still as relevant in 2013 as it was the day you posted it! I just saved me $500. I was about to dump my AVR-X1000 for a different brand because of this continuing annoyance!

  62. Unbelievable. After 15 minutes of farting around with it and giving up. Couldn’t for the life of me figure out what H/P was. High Power? I didn’t know. HeadPhones didn’t occur to me cause I don’t use HeadPhones. I was ready to go out tomorrow and replace it.

    Big Damn Hero you are.

  63. The internet is a beautiful thing….thanks for this have save another person a new received.

  64. I didn’t have an H/P symbol but I thought, what the hell, I might as well try this and it worked!!!! I started laughing in disbelief!! Thank you for taking the time to post this!

  65. I didn’t have the H/P symbol but I came across this post and thought I had nothing to lose by giving it a try and….. it worked!! The sound came back instantly!!! Thank you for posting this solution almost 3 years ago!!!

  66. This reminds me of the very old days when you had to bang on a valve TV to get picture! Welcome to the digital age! Thanks very much for posting this. I was skeptical after 1 hour of troubleshooting the receiver I/O but sure enough just a simple blow into the headphone jack and I was back in business!!

  67. Thanks for the tip.
    I have been struggling with this for the past week ready to throw away the unit. Now working fine.

  68. My wife and I were all prepared to disconnect the approximately 60 cables and wires plugged into the back and truck over to Best Buy cursing ourselves for not purchasing the extended warranty. Thanks to you and a can of Dust-Off Professional, I am now a technical genius.

  69. It is almost 3 years since this post was made. I googled and got to this page. I thought my hdmi board died. Thanks a lot!!

  70. ok I usually don’t respond on these things but after 45 minutes of jacking with my stereo I found this post and blew in the head jack hole and boom…it worked again. Then because I jacked with all the settings before this the audio worked and then I had no picture on the TV so I followed the reset factory settings (page 57) and everything is working now. Amazing and thanks. I wish I would learn to Google before I spend the 45 minutes trying to figure things out. Thanks! Scott

  71. Adam, I’m joining the ranks of the people you’ve helped with this post – I disconnected everything restripped wires, everything! Your solution did the trick in 2 seconds. Thankyou thankyou thankyou. Should our paths cross, drinks are on me.

  72. Lol…………… are such a lifesaver! I was about to toss my receiver out the door until I found your post! A million thank yous for taking the time to post the solution so others could benefit from it. Namaste

  73. Thank you for posting this. Works like a charm. You have just saved me a lot of time, hassle, and money. Thank you!

  74. My husband and I are overjoyed and still laughing about the simplicity of this fix. He was already headed to Best Buy to buy another $500 system when I came upon your post. He looked at me like i was nuts and then blew in the h/p jack. *hallelujah chorus* We can’t thank you enough for your initiative!

  75. This is awesome. I also came home and had my wife complain about our Denon all of a sudden stop playing sound. I was very upset obviously. Spent a half hour playing with settings and then saw this post. Took a can of compressed air into the headphone jack and it works!

  76. Dude – You have solved my mystery sound problem. Denon 890 now working like a champ once more and making me realized just how dusty my house gets!

  77. I messed around for a couple hours trying to figure out why my Denon receiver suddenly stopped sending signal to the pre out terminals. Denon website was no help. Finally I decided to type Denon H/P input into Google. You saved me man!! A simple puff of air into the head phone jack and boom… sound is back. Talk about breathing new life into something…literally.

  78. The subwoofer does not work on my Dennon. I changed the subwoofer cable and made sure it was connected correctly. My son made some changes on the setup and it still does not work. Of course as you know the manual is pretty useless in helping. please help if you can. Thanks

  79. I was soo fustrated trying to get my sound back on. You saved me over 1,000 dollars not having to get a new receiver and paying someone to hook it up. Thank you. Thank you. One simple puff and sound was back on. I owe you a drink.

  80. Thank you for this post! My Denon AVR-1708 had this same problem and i was about to bring it in for a service. i cleaned out the headphone jack and problem was solved .very nicely done!

  81. thanks so much i only installed yesterday and stopped working today GUTTED
    not even paid my mate for it yet,
    found your post 2 puffs in head jack and all is well
    i think i owe you more than a drink


  82. Thank you so much – I was about to contact Geek Squad and spend a lot of money on a service call !!! You saved me from spending money I couldn’t afford to part with !!!

  83. I was shopping for a new receiver, and decided to check out the NET low and behold, clean the Head Phone outlet and we’re back up with sound again.

    Nice one……. Thanks

  84. Glad I checked this blog. Yup, blowing out the earphones jack did the trick. Other blogs made it sound like I was out of luck. I am glad I read further!.

  85. OMG there are very few things in life more satisfying that something like this. You have saved me hours of frustration, service calls to Denon, etc. Thank you!

  86. This happened to us a year ago and we found your post. It just happened again and with your wisdom, problem solved in 30 seconds. You should get free product for all the time you are saving their customer service agents.

  87. HE is the MAN indeed, I had the same problem, heard some clicking and then poof no sound and was only saying stereo even tho it should have said dolby d. Took and hour and swapped cables and everything and still no sound just video. Came online and yours was first hit and did the blowing into the headphone jack and was cured!!! Many thanks 🙂

  88. I’ve a M-CR603 with the same issue. Your advice to fix the problem was the right solution and everything works as before. Thank you so much and keep posting these kind of advices!

  89. I can’t believ it! Just spent 1 1/2 hours trying to solve this problem, searching through the manual. Ended up reseting the microprocessor(I really regret that now) wich did nothing except make me lose all my settings.
    Had started to accept that had to look for a replacement for my trusted Denon when I found your post, tried your solution, and “Klick”, the sound was back, along with the missing options in the menues. Had to wait for me to stop laughing before writing this.

    Guess I know what I’m doing tomorrow night, reconfiguring my receiver.

    ManyThanks from Sweden.

  90. Hi,

    Thanks for the tip! You saved my marriage after two days struggling. 😉


    The Netherlands

  91. This solution even works in France 😉 !! Thanks so much, I did change some HDMI cables though as I thought it came from there (should have read this earlier) !
    thanks again

  92. Thanks! You saved me a lot of time and trouble!
    A puff of air is all it took. LOL

  93. Hi i’m from philippines. I am laughing when i read all your post. still i’m not doing this for my denon receiver but luckily will work this solutions when i came home and started to puff the headphone jack…thanks bro

  94. Funny, I cant wait to go home now and just blow the headphone jack and to listen music…hehehe

  95. Thanks a bunch! I used a quick spritz of compressed air and it got it (blowing into the port was doing something, but not quite getting it fixed). Saved me a ton of time and aggravation!

  96. Yay–I just plugged and it worked! Fretted for a while, but you saved me from true anguish! Thank you so much.

  97. My next child will be named Adam Nash in your honor. I spent a week troubleshooting until I happened upon your solution. I sucked the dust out of the headphone jack with my vacuum hose and it instantly fixed the problem. I put a nylon stocking over the opening of the hose just in case I accidentally removed something I didn’t intend to. The nylon caught bits of pretzel sticks that my 4 year old was eating right around the same time the problem with the surround sound began.

    Maybe instead of having another child I will raise a beer and cheer you instead. Thank You!

  98. Thank you very much for this post!! Just blew into the jack and it was working again…. this post is still helpful almost 4 years later (and it was on a different model too)

  99. Thank you so much this truly saved me a tone. Put in the headphones and it worked, then pulled it out and wallah it worked again!!!!

  100. Hey Adam… If I could pop over and deliver a case of beer to you for this lifesaving advice, I would. Heartfelt thanks… spent the morning pulling the receiver out and testing every audio device … swearing… more testing…. more swearing… nothing. even reset the receiver. Took a chance and typed in avr 790 H/P input thinking it was a ridiculous long shot and VOILA, there was your blog and immediate solution… was rolling on the floor laughing to myself. Whoop!

    Thanks again, you’re a champ

  101. Hey Adam… If I could pop over and deliver a case of beer to you for this lifesaving advice, I would. Heartfelt thanks… spent the morning pulling the receiver out and testing every audio device … swearing… more testing…. more swearing… nothing. even reset the receiver. Took a chance and typed in avr 790 H/P input thinking it was a ridiculous long shot and VOILA, there was your blog and immediate solution… was rolling on the floor laughing to myself. Whoop!

    Thanks again, you’re a champ

  102. Add me to the list of people who just saved $1000 by not buying a new receiver, and taking 10 seconds to blow the dust out of the headphone jack. My family thinks I’m a genius. I didn’t tell them about the simple solution.

  103. May I add another big thank you!!!! You rock!! You are still helping people with this article!! You got us fixed up so we could finish watching Legend of the Guardians of Ga’Hool with some nice big sound!!

  104. Wow, after dealing with this issue for a week on a Denon AVR-1610 the, “give it a blow” solution worked perfectly. Thanks for posting.

  105. Thanks for taking the time to post this solution. I have a Denon AVR-1609 and it solved my problem. Hard to believe it could be something that simple. Thanks a lot !!!

  106. This has been happening to me for weeks on my AVR-890.. I had re-wired everything to bypass the Denon straight into the TV just to watch netflix and listen to music.. a simple puff of air into the headphone jack and click, it’s now functioning normally again! Many thanks!!!

  107. Woohoo! Thanks so much – other half was just having a fit after trying EVERYTHING and resigned himself to having to buy a new amp. Saved us a fortune (and me a stressful evening lol)

  108. Worked like a charm after days of trying everything else.
    Thanks for taking the time to post this and help so many of us out.
    You saved me unknown hours of frustration and probably money.

  109. I been working on the issue for 4 days. I just went over to the unit and blew in it (headphone jack) and kabam I have sound

  110. Thanks a bunch! That sure saved me a lot of time. With all the clicking I thought there was something wrong with the wiring. Then I finally saw the “H/P Input” switching between On and Off. I’m glad I Googled it before taking the AVR apart, or buying a new one.

  111. As everyone above has said. Thanks bud. Worked a treat. Was going through the horror menu system after changing my hdmi and optical cables didn’t help. Nice work

  112. Denon AVR-2310 – same problem of clicking on and off, then sound going off……..did what you said, now it works!!!
    You’re a life saver THANK YOU!!!!!

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  114. WOW.. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH. After a few months of putting up with the stereo clicking on and off, and a last resort to google it i found you, “Our Savior.” We were going bonkers at work with no music, Who would have thought something so simple could end this frustration,
    Thanx again.

  115. Many thank for this help!!!
    i have a Denon D-F107 almost new and some time ago started to have an intermittent silence (mute) on speakers and I heard a “clicking” from inside (a relay). I thought the problem was serious, but after plug-in several times the headphones jack it seems the problem is solved!

  116. Wow, in April 2015 and your post is still helping people out including myself today. I was depressed with the endless possibilities that I thought I’d have to go thru but read your post, tried it and BANG, the sound is back. To you I simply say “Thank you, live long and prosper my friend”.

  117. Omg! Not the same problem I had but was still the right solution…I’ve been going nuts trying to figure out what was wrong with the sound coming out of my headphones! It suddenly sounded weak, almost like the impedance was off! No bass, sounded echoed! Didn’t know what it could possibly be until I read this! I blew into the headphone jack and boom! It sounds normal again! Awesome! Great to know! Thank you so much Adam! Really appreciate it!

  118. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have spent 2 days trying to figure this EXACT problem out and was ready to call the Geek Squad, but found your post first. It worked….Who would have figured!?!?!?!?!? Sincerely Thank you for posting this solution.

    Chris, Colleyville, Tx

  119. OMG people like Adam Nash make me still have faith in humanity!! Thanks alot! I have a AVR-790 and went 2 weeks without it and finally found you.. Thanks Thanks Thanks

  120. This also worked for me. The difference is that all of the functionality of the unit was completely normal. It wasn’t stuck on one mode. I also could not hear any clicking.

  121. AVR-2310 has been frustrating me for about a year, and this just saved my receiver. Thank you so much for posting this.

  122. For the love of the Nintendo Entertainment System, I literally can’t believe this worked… THANKS!!!

  123. Unbelieveable! I have spent about 4 hrs trying to diagnose it & what a simple solution! I was about to buy a new one.

  124. Unbelievable that this simple fix worked. Thank you so much!! I had already begun looking for a replacement. You deserve a cold one.

  125. Thank you very much! 1 minute to solve the problem! I just had to blow one time into the headphone entry and it switched back to the speakers. Magic!

  126. Thank you Adam, Like everyone else I was really frustrated without sound as the H/R Input On was clicking like it was possessed. I followed the instructions on another writers advice to shut the receiver off and then turn it on while pressing the surround mode until it clicked again and then release. This was supposed to reset the processor. The manual was no help what so ever. By this time I had lost all sound from any other device as well… After working on it for an the morning and changing HDMI cables etc. I finally looked at what Adam had to say for his unit which is a step up from the AV 590 that I have. I used my air gun which gave a slight puff of air and immediately I had sound again. No more clicking and I can relax. Thank you Adam for taking the time to post your thoughts and trouble shooting steps.


  127. Incredible! I just took my AVR-1910 out of the box this morning – it worked perfectly for a couple of hours and then all of a sudden – the sound disappeared. I could not figure out what was wrong. Read the manual cover to cover, reset the unit multiple times. Finally decided that someone else must have had the same issue before me, googled it – and found your post! Thank you so much!!

  128. Denon AVR 2310 – I went to watch a movie last night and no sound after about one hour for checking connections and setting on the amp nothing 😦 found this post today and fixed in two seconds thanks for posting 🙂

  129. This post is awesome! I was so frustrated as I spent hours trying to diagnose
    As soon as I blew air into the jack, turned it on and it never clicked off again. Knew your solution fixed it!

  130. Count me as another who is grateful for your post. It saved me from quite the embarrassment – my wife still thinks I’m the best “fix-it” man. I, too, would like to buy you a cold one if our paths ever cross. Amazing – over 5 years and this problem hasn’t been addressed by Denon!

  131. Thank you so much. I did every thing that I could think of but no success. A blow to the headphone? First I thought it is a joke. I tried it anyways. IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Thanks again! You rock.

  132. Awesome, thanks so much for posting this fix. I have a Denim AVR-1803 and was getting a constant volume static from the speakers unless to volume was turned to minimum. When switching to the radio some sound did come from the speakers but still with the static. There was no indication that there was anything related to headphones going on. I thought the unit had a serious fault and was potentially cactus. Your post has saved me pulling the unit out and a trip to a repairer and the associated cost even for them to just look at it, thanks so much – your post is still helping people over 5 years later!

  133. Thank you so much!!! My husband was upset and messing with his unit for an hour then I googled the issue and this worked!

  134. I am amazed that so many have had this problem. My old 1082 was almost dead, thanks to CPR it is alive and kicking. Thank you for breathing life into it.

  135. I’ve had my Denon 4802 for 14 years and had no problems until it starting getting the clicking and loss of audio on all inputs. It occasionally would have audio again. I assumed the 4802 was failing and decided to order a new AVRX4200W. It was delivered today and I was planning to replace the receiver this weekend. Tonight, I noticed the H/P message for the first time, googled it and found your post. I used the phone plug and it cleared the problem. Thanks!

    I could return the 4200, but decided to keep it. I’m looking forward to its new features and all the HDMI inputs. I’ll now have a working 4802 for eBay.

  136. Adam, I have been a home theater dealer for 30 years and to think a simple ‘blow job’ would save me hundreds of dollars in service calls is nuts but effective!! I have sold Denon for many years but I think its time to find a new line of receivers. As over 200 others have said… THANK YOU!!!! If you where here I would buy dinner and drinks. If this world had more people like you that would be as kind we would all be much better off.

  137. Thank you so much for posting this. I’m angry at myself for not realizing that HP stood for headphones! I’ve had troubles with my Denon for quite some time, and your post literally fixed it on my first puff. You saved me quite a bit of money, and I thank you for that!


  138. Just had this problem, and blowing in the headphone jack was the fix. Thanks – I wouldn’t have figured this out otherwise!!

  139. Thank you so f****ing much. This is the best tech post I have ever read. Denon working great again. Thank you, man.

  140. Again, the Internet is a great thing. I was also frustrated trying to resolve this same issue-pushed every button on remote, blamed the late-night thunderstorm, reset the receiver, etc. Blowing into the headphone receiver wasn’t enough-I had to insert a headphone adapter jack a few times to clear out the dust. Thanks!

  141. Thanks! Six years later and your post is still useful. I wasted 2 1/2 hours last night, found your post, and voilà, my “possessed” receiver is back to working.

  142. Thank you very much for sharing this. This mine has disturbed me for almost 20 hours and tried everything on the book (read: Manual) finally after the blow in the head phone jack… Voila. It’s working again. A million thanks to you.

  143. Amazing that this simple little thing can cause all of these people, including myself on Jan. 4, 2017, such a headache. Thank you so much for your brilliant insight. To prevent a recurrence, I placed some electrical tape over the headphone port.

  144. It is 2017 and the solution still works. !! Thanks internet and Google and the Original poster who started the thread way back in 2010. AMAZING!!!

  145. Thank you…..You saved my husbands life…..he would have whined all night about his broken amp and eventually I would have killed him lol.

  146. Adam, Adam, Adam…si hope you’re still getting these comments because I, like all of the others, was just saved from sure insanity and unneeded expense. POOF! Problem solved. Thank you a ton. I’ve only wasted about 4 hours on this stupid thing.

    And separately…I’ve had many different brands and only Denon does this…and after all these years with different models. Crazy. Never again.

  147. Spent hours trying to work this problem out. I thought your solution wouldn’t work,,,,but it DID. Instantly!
    Thanks Google and thanks a million Adam!


  148. My lucky day! Solution also works on Denon AVR-891. I wonder how many Denon receivers wound up in the landfill because the quoted repair cost from Denon was excessive: $325 + shipping in October 2017. Thanks for sharing!

  149. Adam- Wow, lost 2.5 hrs and was bummed out big time. Took a shot at google and came across your solution! Bam! Couldn’t believe it worked. Wife and I thank you tons.

    LP- Chicago

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