eBay Express TV Campaign Launches

This is my personal blog, so as a rule, I try to avoid posting too much about anything resembling work. However, it’s no secret that I currently work as a Director of Product Management at eBay.

One of the most significant achievements of my career has been the work over the past 18 months bringing to life a whole new e-commerce site and business for eBay – eBay Express. eBay Express is a new site from eBay which allows buyers to quickly and easily shop the incredibly large selection of brand new, fixed-price items for sale on eBay, exclusively from experienced merchants.

eBay Express

I may post at a later time about some of the great things that I learned from the process of launching site of the technical and business scale of eBay Express, but for now I just want to highlight a milestone for the site – our first TV advertising campaign.

eBay is releasing 22 commercials – all based on the same theme, but all unique. They are all available for viewing on a special website:


You will definitely see the spots on network television in the upcoming weeks. Look for it on popular season premieres and sports broadcasts.

It’s a funny feeling to see something that began as just a few people in a room with a whiteboard and laptops turn into something on national television. Amazing, really. I feel truly privileged to be a part of it, and to help bring this new site to the eBay Community and to the world of e-commerce.

So, check it out, and tell a friend. Buy something on eBay Express. Let me know what you think.

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