How many posts in a day?

Like everything else, it’s very different to talk about doing something versus actually sitting down and doing it.

Here I am, only two weeks into my pledge to post something to my blog every day, and I’m noticing that my posting is not at all consistent.

Some days I miss.  Like this weekend, where I was able to spend some wonderful time with Carolyn & Jacob.  Only one post in three days.

Other days, like today, I can have two, three, or even more posts to the blog.

I guess some of that is to be expected – it’s hard to find the time to do almost anything on a daily basis if it isn’t your primary profession.

Still, I’m a little more surprised at the days, like today, where it seems like there are far more topics than time to write about them.  I guess it makes sense – the news of the world isn’t evenly spaced out or planned.  Some days are just more interesting than others I guess.

I’m pretty sure today will have the most posts of any day so far… a funny combination of news from some personal favorites – Apple & eBay, as well as a nice startup announcement from a good friend of mine.