Star Trek XI: Return of Kirk & Spock & Scottie?

With new actors, of course. Thank goodness.

Just a quick post tonight – I’ve been busy this weekend celebrating my birthday. I promise to write up more about that later.

However, since I was on a movie kick yesterday, I thought I’d post this juicy news tidbit. They are, in fact, working on a new Star Trek movie, currently known as Star Trek XI, and our friend William Shatner seems to have leaked some details.

From the SyFyPortal:

The man best known as the Capt. James T. Kirk says the rumors on the Web have been right all along: J.J. Abrams is working on a story for “Star Trek XI” that will bring Kirk and Spock back to the franchise with much younger actors. And if Shatner has his way, he’ll have some part in the whole thing.

This sounds fairly interesting to me, since it seems that pseudo-retro revisits to the original storylines have been fairly popular with other franchises, why not Star Trek? We’ll see how well this does, but it’s an interesting development. I had always kind-of assumed they would end up making either a Deep Space Nine or Enterprise movie (they kind of capped off Voyager completely). But in truth, going back to the original series might be the most likely success story for Star Trek.

Apparently, the new movie will also feature a young Scottie, and Captain Pike. Interesting.