Seema Shah has a new Blahg (Blog?)

Wow.  Seema is cold.  Ice running in her veins.

Check out this brush-off post to Blogger.  See ya.  It’s been fun.

She has now moved to

It’s funny, but I continue to get several hits a day from people who type “Seema Shah eBay” into Google.  Clearly, people want to find her blog, and somehow they use mine to find it.  So there you go.

Seema, if you see this, 100 bonus points for the Douglas Adams reference. 🙂

The Apple iPod Shuffle. Now in… Orange?

Apple quietly updated the iPod Shuffle line of ultra-portable music players with a range of colors this week. $79 gets you a 1GB player of your choice, and you pick the color. The iPod Shuffle was redesigned last year, moving from the stick-like form factor to a little clip-on that is even smaller.

It’s funny, but I remember the Saturday Night Live sketch about the iPod continually shrinking… and that was before the new iPod Shuffle redesign.

It’s on YouTube, of course…

I still think it’s hilarious. My favorite quote…

Newscast: “Wait… That iPod was only out for like 5 seconds!”

Steve Jobs: “5 seconds too long. It was too big. Ridiculous.”