Pssst. Want to Buy Some George Washington Dollar Coins?

Last night, I got a very special treat when I came home from work.

My new inventory for my eBay Store arrived. Here is a pretty nice shot of the package.


That’s right. Perfect, Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) original bank rolls (OWA) of the very first Presidential $1 Dollar Coin featuring George Washington. 2007 D mint mark.

You can buy one now right here on eBay Express. Save on shipping if you buy more than one at a time.

I have to say, now that I’ve torn open a roll, the coins are gorgeous. Much better than the Sacajawea dollars. The edge lettering is particularly neat, and the brightness of the coins is noticeably improved.

Get them while they are still in stock! These coins will only be produced for a few more weeks, and then they will be discontinued in favor of the coin featuring John Adams.

Update (5/24/2007): For a limited time only, I am now carrying unopened, original John Adams Presidential Dollar coin rolls in my eBay Store. Click here to buy them on eBay Express. If you are interested in the other rolls I am carrying, click here for all the coins I am currently selling.

5 thoughts on “Pssst. Want to Buy Some George Washington Dollar Coins?

  1. Each president is only available for a limited time? How very Beannie Baby of them.

    Doesn’t this imply that even the Mint isn’t serious about trying to make the dollar coin mainstream? If they’re intentionally marketing it to collectors and putting an inherent limit on their production schedule, why would anyone who’s not a collector care about these coins?

    This is further confirmed by the fact that a friend of mine who *does* want to switch to coins from bills has been unable to find any thus far. He has gone to several banks to try and find them, and has been told that they do not intent to carry them. If even the banks don’t care, why should the mainstream consumer?

  2. Hi Ray,

    I think it’s like the State program for Quarters – the idea is to use the constant uniqueness of the different coins to generate interest & awareness, and hopefully to more usage.

    In the end, it’s all futile, since as long as a dollar bill exists, no one is really going to move to the coin.

    It has been very hard to find the coins so far – the US Mint really did not get the coins out as planned to the banks and merchants. I think this will improve in the next few weeks, but a lot of people are complaining about not finding the coins.


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  4. want to trade a couple of D mint rolls for a couple of P mint rolls , I was lucky to get two boxes of them (GW) but only 6 rolls of JA , thanks
    on a different note , what do you think the 06 W eagles will do , have they toped out or are they still going to go up

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